SMS Dallas- Your new lifeline!


A few months ago I was contacted by Ashley Houston, Franchise Owner of Sitting Made Simple and I was invited to participate in a mini spa session at the W Hotel to learn more about SMS Dallas. If you follow DSBG on Instagram or Facebook you’ll see what a fantastic time that was! At this event, I had the opportunity to speak one on one with Ashley and learn more about SMS and why she decided to start her franchise.

I currently work from home and for the most part my hours can be completed before J wakes up and during nap time however occasionally, situations come up where I would need to attend conferences or meet with coworkers during the day/evening.  Enter: SMS Dallas.

So far my family has used Sitting Made Simple on two different occasions and I can honestly not say enough wonderful things about our sitters, Nico and Gabby, who came to care for our Little J.  Both of these ladies had soft voices and sweet personalities that my little guy warmed up to immediately. On our very first SMS booking, I came home a little early and was able to sneak up to our third floor and listen in for a few seconds before walking into Little J’s room. As I was walking up the stairs all I heard was laughter and giggles coming from my little one- is there anything better? Little J was all smiles when I walked in!


So how does it all work?


The website is simple and easy, you fill out information on your family and pay a ONE TIME $50 registration free. When it’s time to book a sitter you just hop on and fill out your requests. There is a $10 booking fee and most sitters that I have seen are $12 an hour. You will be able to review the sitters available for your day, read their bio and choose the one that you feel will best fit your family.  Please note that all sitters have gone through a background check,  have clean driving record, are certified in Infant & Child CPR and have gone through an interview process with the franchise owner. Ahh- breath that sigh of relief!

On the day of your booking, your sitter will arrive with her SMS Tote in tow. Before you leave for the day you will need to fill out a simple form with your contact information and any rules you may have for the house or your Little one that you want the sitter to follow (ie. allotted TV time, can the sitter play outside or go for a walk with your Little etc…)  That’s it!

One of my favorite parts of using this service is the recap sheet they complete once you arrive back home. The sitters will fill out a form writing down what they did, what the child ate, how their behavior was and if they had any issues (child needed time out or refused to eat dinner.) I love being able to review something like this and being able to see what my child was doing while I was gone.

Once the sitter provides you with the form, you pay and that is that! SMS Sitters will take cash or check. As it turns out, I haven’t written a check since 2009 and no longer own a check book, so we normally pay cash 😉

I think the reason I love this service so much is that the owner of this franchise, Ashley, is a mom of a little one. She gets it. She knows what it’s like to have to balance work and family life and how stressful it can be leaving your child with someone you do not know. From what I have witnessed, she wholeheartedly put all her energy into this business and it really shows when you speak with her and use Sitting Made Simple.

So, with the holidays rolling around, I’m sure your calendar is filling up with events just like mine! I highly encourage you to log on and check it out!

Even more exciting news from SMS! Keep an eye out for their Black Friday deal- Details are below!

Shop with us on Small Business Saturday to Buy 4 and get 2 free! You can purchase 6 SMS normal scheduling fees ($10 value) for $40. Only valid for one purchase per SMS family. Only available 11.26 7am – 11.28 5pm.
A few rules:
  • Only one deal can be purchased per SMS family.
  • It’s only offered 11.26 8am – 11.27 8pm
  • Can only be used on SMS fees, not valid on SMS Sitter Hourly rates





Full disclosure: My registration fee was waved as an encouragement to try this service however I was never asked to write a review or state my opinion. The statements and opinions in this post are my own. Just one mom spreading the news about a service she loves!!


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