I’m Exhausted AKA DSBG’s Political Plea


This has been a rough one my friends. This entire race from start to finish has been unbelieveably difficult to watch and listen too but thankfully we are nearing the end.  Personally (and I do not believe I am alone here) the hardest part has been watching my friends and family really tear each other up during this election. I actually had several friends state that they wanted BLANK supporter to unfriend them because they couldn’t possibly be friends with someone who was voting for BLANK.




Let me translate that for you- “We don’t have the same views so we can’t be friends.” That is unbelievably disheartening. Are we no longer allowed opinions? Isn’t that what makes for great conversation? Great debates? Unfortunately throughout this election I have seen well-educated, smart and caring individuals resort to name calling and ridicule in response to someone’s personal view.


Full disclosure:  I live in a divided house. My husband and I are both registered for the same party but this time we voted differently. I voted for one candidate and he voted for the other and no we are not getting divorced and are actually still living happily in the same home after making these decisions. It can be done.


I support and can open my mind enough to understand why my husband voted the way he did and he has fully expressed that he understands why I voted the way I did. We do not ridicule the other and we fully support each others decisions.   At the end of the day, it’s not who is right and who is wrong- at the end of today we will have a new President of the United States and it would be really great if we could all come together and support the decision that our nation has made. This is democracy- this is the country we live in.



My dad always used to tell me  to “be the bigger person.” To my friends, my family, my Facebook, blog and Instagram followers- please, starting tomorrow whether your candidate has won or lost, just wake up and be the bigger person. Our country depends on it.





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