Clean Slate

Hello! Have you been hearing crickets lately from DSBG? I apologize but that was intentional on my part. We experienced a pretty stressful first half of the year so once our Summer began I decided to switch my focus completely to our family. We have had an amazing Summer and just returned from a very relaxing vacation in Longboat Key, Florida.



Unfortunately, randomly on our vacation my computer died. I had been working on it one morning and when I went back to it in the evening it wouldn’t turn on. The hard driveย is completely friedย and I cannot access anything on it. I have lost every single photo stored on this computer along with blog posts, photos for my blogs, blog ideas etc… *sigh* I’ve grieved the loss and last weekend we went out and bought a new laptop!




Bare with me please. Although I had been on a blog break over the Summer, I had been working on content which I now have to recreate from scratch. It’s a clean slate over here but I promise you, great things are coming your way ๐Ÿ˜‰





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