Momspirational Mom Series- Rachael Shaw from Make Green Go Green

Hello! Happy Monday Friends! This is a very special Momspirational Monday since it’s the day after Mother’s Day. I hope you all had the chance to spend the day relaxing with your Littles and families. My little gave me a rose (or fwower as he called it) and I went out and had a massage and pedicure with my own momma! Here we are however, the day is over and we are back on the mom grind. So,  whether you are back at the office or at home wrangling the littles I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day because even if it’s not the day, you are all amazing!


Today for Momspiration Monday I want you all to meet Rachael Shaw. Rachael is a busy busy mommy of cute littles all 4 and under. If that doesn’t keep her busy enough, Rachael also works from home with Make Green Go Green!


So, go refill your coffee and take a moment to meet Rachael!



Tell me about you!

I’m a work at home mom of 3 crazy kids: Ethan (4), Ryan (2) and Lexi (1). I have been married to my best friend for 8 years but we have been together for 13! We are currently living in Uptown Dallas by Victory Park. We moved to Texas two years ago from Pittsburgh, PA but I was born and raised near Youngstown, Ohio.


Tell me about your business!

I market for a green products company who manufactures their own product here in the USA. We are a 30 year old, 100% debt free company with a mission of “enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping others reach their goals.” Those goals can be any number of things, from financial physical to mental! I also mentor other dreamers and do-ers  get involved and do the same if they want to be their own boss.
What inspired you to start your business? 

Originally, I was a happy shopper with this company because I wanted to shop with a company of integrity.  I wanted products in my home that I could trust and that would not harm my kids id they somehow did get into them. I fell in love with the products and it kind of just happened. This year however, I have big goals and want to earn enough to bring hubby home from his 9-5 so that he can focus on making his side consulting business a full time income.


What, so far, have you found to be a challenge with your business?

Marketing has been a challenge because it is a little bit of a different business model. We are a consumer direct marking company, so all I do is how people the company and help them set up their shopping accounts. It makes it difficult to market as I am not really “selling: any products to people.


What, so far, have you found to be the best, more rewarding, part of your business?

It is an amazing company that has helped so many people. I love watching people grow to their potential and being a small part of their success ( that may be financial, physical, mental or spiritual.)


How do you stay organized? Do you feel like you have a good work/life balance?

Ha! Organized…what is that anymore?! I do have a good work/life balance though. I mainly just try to get in a few hours a day (whenever the kids will let me) but when I have something I need complete quiet for I will get a sitter or wait until their daddy gets home!
What does your work space look it?

Mac Book or iMac anywhere I want to be.


Do you have any tips for the mommas out there wanting to start a business?

Learn to let things go and be flexible. Nothing really ever goes exactly as planned and that’s O.K.- It makes it fun! It is impossible to get everything done. I make a list daily in order of importance or urgency when what doesn’t get down just doesn’t get done. Don’t worry about it, worry doesn’t do anything but steal your joy!!


When you aren’t working or chasing your littles, what can we find you doing? 

Reading, working out and listening to those who have been successful so that I can learn from them!
Who is your biggest support?



If you could work from anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

I can work from anywhere! It’s amazing! My favorite place would be the beach, of course.


What are your three favorite places in the world?
La Jolla, California
Orlando, Florida
New York, NY


Being a mom is tiring in itself, how do you relax and unwind?
Working out while listening to music and reading.
Do you have a favorite show you are currently obsessed with?

Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Fire, Med and PD


Anything else?

We are now above 96% re-order rate every single month which is unheard of! We are breaking new records every month with growth! I love happy shoppers, it’s what we are built on. I am currently accepting applications for 5 women who are ready to work for themselves not by themselves and change their lives. Must be forward thinkers and doers, hard workers, self motivated as there is no boss and willing to learn (be coachable.) Looking for serious people willing to put in the work because this is not a get rich quick business!


Thank you for participating Rachael! If you want to hear more about Rachael or reach out for further information you can contact her on the following applications:
Make Green Go Green Website


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See you in two weeks with another Momspirational Mom!




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