Hello? Anyone out there?

Hello! If you are an avid DSBG reader then you know the past few weeks have been…quiet to say the least. Things on my end have been a little crazy, we took a last minute trip to Tampa,  I started a new job and…we began potty training.  Life has been all over the place but I wanted to reach out and explain that I am still here, still blogging and still providing you with those yummy recipes, parenting sass and most importantly, highlighting Momspirational Moms every other Monday.


What I love most about blogging is connecting with other bloggers, moms and women. I love hearing feedback about my recipes or comments from other moms agreeing with life as a mombie. Connecting with you all out there has been inspiring and I want to continue to produce good quality blogs for you to read. With that said, sometimes there may be a break, a hold, a pause in my blogging because if life greats crazy in the M house there is no way I could produce something useful for you to read.


So, I apologize for the radio silence but I am back. Today I’ll be featuring another mom on the Momspirational Monday Series and later this week I’ll be sharing another muffin recipe AND a veggie packed homemade mac and cheese recipe that is sure to please your picky toddler. So stay tuned and thank you thank you for following along.




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