Momspirational Monday Series- Amanda Neilsen- Amanda’s Rags, Quilts Etc…

Hello! Happy Monday and a Happy Momspirational Monday to all my mommas out there! I apologize for the radio silence last week, life events took over and we found ourselves taking a last minute trip to Florida.  But here we are, back at Monday and it’s time for a little momspiration.


Our Mom being featured this week is a wonderful ex-coworker turned friend of mine. We actually met back in 2010 when she was a new employee and I was assigned as her mentor. Amanda and I experienced quite a bit of crazy while working together but through it all, she always remained unbelievably positive and found humor in rough situations, which was always appreciated. Now, she is a stay at home mom to her two beautiful girls and runs Amanda’s Rags Quilts Etc.

Read more about this wonderful momma below! She currently runs her business on Facebook. I previously stated (in instagram and facebook) that she had a shop on Etsy and I apologize for the confusion, my brain was all over the place last week. Amanda and Amanda’s Rags  Quilts Etc can be found on Facebook!!



1.       Tell me about you!

I am a mother of two, an almost 7 year old, Madysen and a 2 year old, Finley. I am currently married to my husband, Brandon. We have been married for nearly 11 years.



2.     Tell me about your business

I love sewing and crafting!!! I make baby/kid items. My specialty are rag quilts. I also make blankets (receiving and quilt like), burp cloths, bibs, changing mats, pillows, nap mats, pillows, tooth fairy pillows, pacifier holders, some pillowcase/t-shirt dresses, and hair bows. I also make party decorations, diaper cakes, mommy to-be corsages. If you have a vision of something you would like, I am happy to explore that with you!!!



Photo Credit: Amanda’s Rags Quilts Etc. Facebook Page



Photo Credit: Amanda’s Rags Quilts Etc Facebook Page



3.    What inspired you to start your blog or business? 

It started by making a rag quilt for my now 2 year old. I have always been interested in sewing and crafting but never had the spare time to do it. I realized how much I really loved it while making that rag quilt and I just kept making new things. I got into doing craft shows and figured out that I really enjoy that as well. I decided to offer my products to others and to share my passion. I am a stay at home mom, and lets face it, these days only having one person bring in the income can be difficult at times, so having a little extra income to help out is also nice.


4.    What, so far, have you found to be a challenge with your  business?

The only challenge I have really come across so far is getting my name out there. I don’t do much marketing other than my Facebook page and business cards. Summertime stays busy as I participate in our local communities Market Days.




5.   What, so far, have you found to be the best, more rewarding, part of your business?

What I enjoy the most about what I do, is that I get to create amazing things and share them with the world.



6.    How do you stay organized? Do you feel like you have a good work/life balance?

I have bins and bins of fabric!!! Fabric sales are my weakness -Not to mention my bins of ribbon too!!!!! Since I am working in my kitchen I always have my little distractions AKA my children!!  Some days I am extremely productive, other days I am lucky to get my machine threaded.


7.    Do you have any tips for the mommas out there wanting to start a business or blog?

My advice is to GO FOR IT!!!!!!


8.    If you could work from anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

If I could sew on the beach, that is where I would be!!! LOL


9.    What are your three favorite places in the world?

1) The Beach
2) The Beach
3) The Beach!!!

If there is sand and water….its my favorite place in the world.


10.    What does your work space look it?

My work space is my kitchen table and kitchen counters!!  That can get a little irritating as I don’t always want my sewing machine out for the world to see, because most of the time if the sewing machine is out, there are mounds of fabric, ribbon, and thread everywhere!! I wished our house was a little bigger so I could have my own little crafting room.


11.  When you aren’t working or chasing your littles, what can we find you doing?

Most of the time it is reading or (sadly) watching TV…



12.  Who is your biggest support?

I think my biggest support is my 6 year old, Madysen. She is always the first to help me pick out my materials when starting a project and when it’s a Saturday and there is a craft show, she is there!!! She loves going with me and helping set up. She is my little seller . Of course,  my husband is a big support as well, he is the one that “loans” me my money to finance my projects!! LOL!!


13.  Being a mom is tiring in itself, how do you relax and unwind?

I have a glass of wine (or two) and watch some TV or read…who am I kidding??? I am probably asleep!


14.  Do you have a favorite show you are currently obsessed with?

I am really in love with Blind Spot and Quantico at this time!!!


15. Anything else?

I am always up for a challenge and I enjoy creating new things. I am so blessed that I have this opportunity to make people happy by sharing my passion.


Thank you for participating Amanda! I hope you all wander over to Amanda’s Rags Quilts Etc for your next baby shower or new little one in your life! She is crafty and super flexible to your ideas to give her a shout out!!!



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I hope you all are enjoying this series! We’ve had a lot of positive feedback and more mommas are headed your way! If you are a Mom and  a blogger or run a business and want to be featured, please reach out at or leave a message on this post!





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