How to avoid being a Mombie

Ya’ll know what I’m talking about…the Mombie’s. I’ve been one, we’ve all been one. We are the women out there at the park sleeping with our eyes open, clutching a Starbucks like it’s gold and mumbling that we’ll need to stop and grab another on the way home. We are tired, groggy and grumpy and it’s seriously the worst feeling in the world. Sometimes, coming out of a mom-zombie-coma doesn’t happen until mid day, somewhere between your 3rd or 4th cup of coffee. For me, I was using that time to quickly take care of all household chores, do a fun learning activity with Little J and prep dinner. I’m talking cramming this all in between 4pm-6pm- honestly that was known as panic mode in our house. The morning was a blur between feeding J and getting to a morning activity before the Texas sun started to roast us.


I started to realize that it just wasn’t working for us. When I was working outside the home, I often got up early, sat with my coffee catching up on the news before I needed to start getting ready. I had an insanely stressful job but mornings like that were such a relaxing way to start my day and ease into my morning. No one likes mornings (ok…some people do…strange people) and getting out of a warm bed when it’s still dark out is hard but it makes it even harder when I know Little  J is already awake and ready to roll. I haven’t even had a sip of coffee and he’s yelling about trains and puzzles and asking for bagels- it’s a lot to process.


Here a few simple things to do to avoid being a Mombie:

1. Get Up Early.

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Moms…stay with me here, I swear there is a reason for interrupting your beautify sleep. Look, getting up before everyone else means you get to enjoy the quiet and sip coffee in peace. In my house that means I get to watch the news instead of the Golf Channel or SportCenter. Sometimes, after my coffee I can grab a shower and get completely ready for the day before my little starts to stir. Lately, I have been using this time to work and while that may not seem like a good time, working in peace and quiet is a dream come true, so I sip coffee and get in an hour or so of work before the boys even realize it’s morning. It’s an amazing way to squeeze in some “Me Time.” Can I add in here that momma’s of infants or littles who aren’t sleeping through the night yet, you get a pass on this one completely! No need to cut into already disrupted sleep!! Hang in there!


2. Clothing.
Prep clothing the night before. For momma’s working outside the home this is probably a no brainier but for SAHM/WAHM this is a must do.  This has really helped us get out morning going.  I find that we are dressed and ready for the day earlier than we normally used to be. We live in a town home and our bedrooms are on the third floor, so before we venture downstairs to start breakfast and morning craziness, everyone is dressed and ready for the day. For me, the annoyance of running up and down stairs to grab outfits etc just gets old and it slows everything down.


3. Open Your Blinds! (and windows)
I’m serious about this. Sunshine makes you happy. Imagine enjoying your coffee in the quiet of your living room as the sun pours through the window. Nice right? Well it’s also unbelievably relaxing and a beautiful way to start the morning. If it’s not insanely hot, open up those windows!  We live in Texas and there comes a time where the AC just runs none stop or we melt but until then, I try and get fresh air into my house at least once a day. Right now the mornings are still cool enough to do this.


4. Prep Your Morning Cocktail
No. Not that kind of cocktail, I’m talking about your tea, coffee, smoothie or whatever it is that you drink. In our house it’s coffee and plenty of it. For the M family, nothing spoils a morning more than realizing that coffee has not been prepped. This is crucial for our morning happiness and prevents J and I from snapping at each other for no reason. Coffee is our lifeline in the morning and knowing all I need to do is fill my cup is simply wonderful.  J also has a morning cocktail of milk, I normally prep this the night before so all I need to do it grab it from the fridge.

coffee (2)

Anyone else obsessed with these reusable Starbucks to-go cups? I got both of these for $1 on sale few months ago! No product placement here just sharing the SB love.


5. To – Do Lists!
Look, I’m not type A and anyone who thinks I am, I promise you my husband will firmly disagree (he is Type A) but I am a girl who can get down with a to-do list and organization. While I was working outside the home, I got to work early and the very first thing I did was make a to-do list. It helped center my brain around the tasks of the day. Obviously my to-do lists have changed drastically but making a to-do list the night before helps organize your day before it even begins. It’s a great way to look over all you want to attack the following day, you can prioritize what needs to be done first and what can be pushed to the back burner if you run out of time.

to do list (2)


Do you have any rituals you do to prep your mornings? Are your mornings insane with tired parents, not enough coffee and too much chaos? Give these five things a try, I promise you’ll see mornings in a new light!




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