Momspirational Monday Series- Kate from The Lifestyle Lady

Hi Everyone! Happy Momspirational Monday! Who is ready to meet another momspirational mom? I am lucky enough to know Kate in person but for most of you in the blogging world, you know her as The Lifestyle Lady. Kate has the best beauty and make-up tips and goes above and beyond trying new products and reviewing them so the rest of us don’t have too! Kate also blogs about her baking adventures with her daughter (Little L) which are one of my favorite things to read about- did you see her Easter Egg Nests? They were fun to try with Little J last week (although ours did not come out as cute as Kate’s did!

Ok…are you ready? Here we go- Kate from The Lifestyle Lady


Tell us about you!

Hi I am Kate, The Lifestyle Lady. I am the wrong side of 30 but the right side of 35! I am British and liken myself to a swan, looking serene and together (most of the time) on the surface while splashing frantically underneath the water. I am a mummy of one, a daughter Rose who is 2 (going on 22.)  Whom for blog purposes is referred to as Little L (Little Lifestyle!) I am married to my husband Rich, Mr L ( Mr Lifestyle) who is also  British. I am a sort of military wife without the military. We will soon be moving into our fifth house, in our third US location, in six years, so your beginning to see what I mean. We have been in Dallas for almost three years, which is the longest Mr L and I have lived anywhere together so this was starting to feel like home. It was Mary Poppins who once said “I will stay until the wind changes” and for me that time has come. Time for a new adventure.kate- photo


What do you do?

Kate- logo

I have owned the domain and blog for five years. I procrastinated for a long while about whether people would be interested in my ramblings. I am not sure if it is that I am more confident now, or that I care less what others think, or that I get frustrated that I have little medium to stretch my mind or to allow my creative side to show, honestly it is probably a mixture of them all. I love being a mummy but sometimes it is great to have something for just me, where I can create/say/write whatever I want. I have been more actively blogging for almost a year and have been bowled over by some of the comments and interest I have received. Which is very motivating.


What, so far, have you found to be a challenge with your blog?

 The biggest challenge for me is time, isn’t it for everyone? It is a balance I just can not seem to get right. I often find I put myself under immense pressure to keep all the plates spinning.  When I carve that five minutes out of my day between potty training and dinner making I find that I don’t have my writing mojo. I also get frustrated because I have plenty of ideas (provided I write them down – memory gone since giving birth.) but often not the time to execute them they way I want.


What is the most rewarding part about what you do?

For me hands down the best thing about blogging is the comments people make. I am genuinely shocked and surprised that folks take the time to read my offerings and want to share thoughts about it, it blows my mind. For me this whole blogging journey is about sharing, learning and making friends.



How do you stay organized?

I am by nature fairly organized. I have tools and systems like my Emily Ley planner and Cozi app which assist me but just remember the swan. Honestly though I don’t have the demands of an employer so I am perhaps not best placed to answer a question on life balance.  I genuinely don’t think any women has the formula for life balance. One of my peeves as a women, is this mantra we are all fed that women can have it all. What does that actually mean? Surely a more accurate description is a women who has a good work/life or life/life balance is one who constantly reaccesses her priorities and deploys her efforts effectively. For me my family will always come first and I am in the incredible fortunate position to say that and I am aware of it.



What’s your advice for moms out there wanting to start a blog?

My advice if someone wants to start a blog is this GO FOR IT. I tell Little L all the time that this life is not a dress rehearsal so if you want something, go get it.



If you could work from anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If I could work from anywhere is such a difficult question because it is very mood dependent.  If I had to narrow it down it would be in a cottage on a cliff overlooking the sea somewhere on the British coast, probably Northern Cornwall. We might not always have the sun for the beach in the UK but the scenery is second to none! If you have not been GO!



What does your workspace look like?

 My workspace is a little nomadic. I have a desk in my home, which currently has piles of whatever stuff we are trying to prevent Little L from grabbing or messing with. I often find myself blogging in bed or on the sofa, when everyone else has called it a night. In my head my workspace looks like one of those flatlays from Instagram (you know the ones I mean.)



When you aren’t blogging, where can we find you?

Spare time are you insane? What is that? I love to read and cook, I am also quite a keen politico so CNN is often on especially at the moment. I like You Tube so I watch that when I get the chance. I also enjoy being with my friends and family.



Who is your biggest support?

Mr L is a massive support, he has a majorly stressful and important job but he genuinely cares and is interested when great things happen with the blog.  He has even mentioned doing the odd guest post. I am about as soppy as Margaret Thatcher but I struck gold with Mr L, I hope Little L is as lucky. I want to mention some of my friends who ask me to cover certain posts and I try to oblige and I have a list I am working on. I have to mention some of my blogging friends who motivate me regularly by the interesting and fantastic content they share.



Three favorite places in the world?

My three favorite places in the world are, my home here with my family because if it wasn’t I should change something right? Secondly it would have to be the London because it is in my blood  it is where I grew up and I am its strongest ambassador and thirdly maybe Santorini Greece, Rome or Alaska, sorry can not narrow it down.



What is on the Lifestyle Lady’s TV?

I am not really loving any show in particular at the moment. I know lots of my American friends are in mourning for Downton but I really want to widen their period drama horizons. I have enjoyed lots of series but I do like Greys Anatomy only because I so want April and Jackson back together!! I really enjoyed am Australian series called Offspring. Any recommendations?



Anything else you can tell us about The Lifestyle Lady or the gal behind the blog?

My blog is ever evolving I want to do more vlog work but that requires more time which I hope to get once I have moved and Little L starts school. I just want to say cheers and thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have time take a peak at the blog and follow me on social media please do. I also want to thank Elena for taking the time out to share with other bloggers. Her blog is stupendous. Ta ta for now. TLL

Kate- logo


Thank you Kate! I

I encourage you all to visit The Lifestyle Lady and start following along! You can also follow The Lifestyle Lady on Facebook and Instagram !



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