Easter Brunch Ideas

Where are my procrastinators? You agreed to host an Easter Brunch and thought “whatever, I’ll just throw on some eggs and make a few biscuits.” My Friends- hosting brunch is so much fun and many of the meals you can prep the night before so you don’t have to do so much that morning.


Look no further, I’ve done all the Pinterest stalking and recipe sorting for you- here are you top 5 items to serve for brunch!


  1. Bagel Bar
    I know- would you expect anything less from a New Yorker? I went to a bachelorette party last year Crystal Springs Resort & Spa (actually, J and I were married there in 2010!) and the next morning we decided to check out their brunch scene- Well, low and behold, they had a bagel bar! Now, this wasn’t your A-typical pile of bagels with cream cheese and butter, this was the creme de la creme of bagel presentation. They had a beautiful display of bagels piled into a basket and two different types of cream cheese, plain and garlic & herb. Along side the cream cheese were layers of smoked salmon, capers, onions and tomatoes and I was in heaven! So that morning I was too busy trying to pull my life together after a long night out to focus enough to take photographs (what? It was a kid free weekend!) but I love this one from Bon Appetit – it looks scrumptions and it’s a simple display that should work for any brunch table. Style Me Pretty gets a notable nod for focusing on the sweet side of the bagel bar, she uses nutella and pink cream cheese! Either way, I promise you your guests will love the fun of a bagel bar and you will love the simplicity of throwing one together!
  2. Quiche
    No surprise here, Sally’s Baking Addiction does it again with her goat cheese, spinach and sun dried tomato quiche- seriously, my mouth is watering!!  Fun fact- I recently learned from my English friends that Quiche is not considered a breakfast food in the UK, they actually eat this for dinner instead! Americans however love a good brunch quiche and my favorite is a Gouda & Bacon Quiche (my mother makes the best) Does the thought of making a quiche make you nervous? No problem, try the quiche’s simpler cousin- the frittata!
  3. Eggs & Bacon
    Yes, of course you can whip up a quick batch of scrambles with crispy bacon, no one will turn it down but if you have a little time, jazz it up a bit! Try my Breakfast Cups to change up your brunch. These are easy to pick up and eat while chatting to other brunch guests.  Another yummy option would be these Breakfast Tarts from Spoon Fork & Bacon. Doesn’t that look delicious?
  4. Muffins/Breads
    You all know I love me a muffin- like this one or this one from DSBG but how about this one from Two Peas & Their Pod ?? With the saltiness of other breakfast items, I think people love have a sweet options on their plate! My muffin recipes can be made in advance and kept frozen until you need them- what is easier than that?
  5. Mimosa Bar
    What?? I know it’s Easter but you are allowed to sip a little bubbles if the word brunch is involved.  This idea is simple to throw together. A few bottles of champagne in an ice bucket and throw your favorite juices in glass jugs for prettier presentations. A fun tip I learned from a friend is to use elder flower instead of juice, I absolutely loved this and found it to be a fun alternative to orange juice! Make sure to have your charms already attached to the glasses so your guests will known which glass is theirs! Need some photo inspiration? The Knot has a great option that seems simple to put together- Smarty Had a Party has a more jazzed up option that I loved (but seriously that blog name is fantastic.)




Whatever you decide to do, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your family. If you don’t celebrate Easter then you have yourself a wonderful Sunday 🙂



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