Momspiration Monday

Happy Monday! That is my goal at least, to make this a happy Monday so I am in need of some serious momspiration, what about you?


Here are the 5 things that I am Momspired about this week:


  1. Stop the Clot
    I just signed up to participate in Stop the Clot  5k in Austin this year and I am so so so excited. I am running with my amazing friend Imari, who is a total momspiration. You can read her story here.  Isn’t she fantastic? She’s a wonderful friend, a rock star momma and just a beautiful person inside and out. I cannot wait to participate with her. Although donations to her team would be fantastic, I really want to encourage you to go the Stop the Clot website and educate yourself! I have learned so much from Stop the Clot and watching/hearing Imari go through this over the past few years. Do you live in Austin? Join us!!!!
  2. Tracy Anderson
    As I’m sure you know by now, momwellness is something I really try to focus on for my mental and physical well being….but it’s hard! I normally wake up for the gym at 5:15am and even though I can get a good work out in, I feel like I go through the day in a fog because I got up too early. The minute I get back from the gym, Little J is awake and my day has begun. A friend of mine recently recommended Tracy Anderson and I’m obsessed. I am really enjoying these workout and I am feeling the pain, in a good way! I was previously a Jillian Michaels fan but…Jillian yells a lot and I don’t like being yelled at. Tracy doesn’t yell and the entire thing is very encouraging. Have you tried her system yet? Looking for something new? Check it out! I purchased the videos through Amazon Video through Amazon Prime but you can always order them separately and have them delivered.
  3. Happy Spring
    Obviously, I’m a huge fan of the winter season and the holidays. However, there is something wonderful about the spring season. I have several pots that need to be filled with plants and I can’t wait to start growing my fresh herbs on our front porch. J is out of town later this week for The World Golf Championship so it will give me a little time to get my flowers and balcony prepped and set.
  4. Employment
    This is my official last week being a Stay At Home Mom. Starting next Monday I will be transitioning to my new title of Work from Home Mom. Yes, it is amazing that I can work from home and still be with Little J but this will be an interesting transitional period as I navigate working with a toddler present.  I of course will still be blogging in any spare time I find, but I bare with me as I adjust to another item on my plate!
  5. Easter Brunch
    This year we will be hosting an Easter brunch at our home. Normally, we would do a dinner but we decided to change it up this year. I have already been working on the menu but keep an eye out this week for a post on simple ideas and decor to throw together and host your own brunch!


What are you Momspired about this week??





Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, however this post does contain affiliate links. All opinions and comments are my own.

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