6 Things I Deleted from my 20 Something’s Closet

So I turned 30 this year- Did you know??  Honestly, I feel like this day in age, 30 isn’t that big of a life jump.  Most of my daily life is very similar to my life as a 28/29 year old. There one thing though about turning 30 that made me want to get my appearance together. Not that I was some sort of 20 something shlub, I’ve always had a delightful sense of style 😉 However, in my own personal opinion, there are a few things from a 20 somethings closet that just do not belong on a 30 somethings body.

I’ve been 30 for 5 months now, so in honor of that, here is a list of 6 things I deleted from my closet. They simply were not invited to the 30’s premiere party


  1. Super High Heeled Shoes
    Ladies- can we please be done walking around on stilts? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good heel but let’s tap out at 3.5 inches, 4 max. Gone are the days of barely being to walk in shoes that are too tall and let’s not even talk about the days of achy feet that are followed by a night out in my highest high heels! Good bye death shoes! I can honestly tell you that the last thing my husband wants to hear on our date night is how badly my feet hurt from my “fancy heels.”
  2. Rubber Flip Flops
    I’ll try not to contradict the above statement but there is a line between comfy casual and downright sloppy.  Personal omission, I have flat feet, so when I slip my foot into these non supportive $5 flip flops, my feet do exactly that; flop. They do not look attractive and for someone who has flat feet, they are the absolute worst thing to wear and provide no support. I have come to realize that I would rather have two nice pairs of sandals to rotate throughout the summer then 7 pairs of rubber flip flops that I got on sale for $2 each in every color of the rainbow. I did keep one pair to wear at the pool…..
  3. Bags and Bags and Boxes of Bags
    This is just simply ridiculous. I have sold and donated so many bags over the past year. When I was in college, bags were my thing (which is ridiculous because I had no money what-so-ever). Any time I got a new bag, it was named (my favorite was the Emma) and paraded around until my next new bag caught my eye. The Emmas, the Abigails and Penelopes were all thrown into a box and kept in my closet “just in case” I ever found the need to go back. Do you know how often that occurred? Never. What a waste of space and money!  It was time to purge all of these bags and make room in my closet. I ended up getting rid of 8 bags and purses in total and it was absolutely liberating. I now only have my cross body bag and my shoulder purse. There is no debate, no option, no wondering which bag will match best because there are only two options. Look, I’m not saying 30 somethings shouldn’t have several purses, I still love them but it was certainly time to say goodbye to bags I selected 7 years ago with my 23 year old sense of fashion.
  4. Undergarments that are less than lovely
    We don’t need to get graphic here but you should feel 100% confident in your undergarments (I am calling them that because my mother and mother in law read this blog, so let’s keep in classy) So for the sake of keeping this short and sweet; say bye bye $4 H&M underpants with snoopy on the butt. Be a classy gal, think lace, think cotton, think anything but snoopy.  DSBG confession, I once held onto a bra for way longer than I should have. It was stained red from spilling jungle juice on it at a college party….and I finally threw it out at age 27 so….that’s gross. While we are at it, toss that bra with the metal under wire poking through, it hurts, you know it, so replace it.
  5. Crappy Fabrics
    I actually almost titled this one “anything you bought to wear to a club” but want to be a little more clear. Crappy fabrics: anything that is scratchy, rash inducing (not kidding, I wore a shirt twice despite the hives it caused me to break out in) or otherwise unappealing fabric. I was actually pretty psyched that I no longer owned a lot of these items but still had a few that needed to meet the trash.  I get it, at 22, you are in the mindset of “beauty is pain” and “it’s only 8 dollars and it shimmers.”  You were young, your skin wasn’t so sensitive and so you had no other worries other than the here and now….but…that’s over now, in the best way possible.
  6. The “Someday Jeans”
    I am all for goals, I really am, but it was time for me to part ways with jeans I wore in college because “some day” I would fit into them again. As it turns out, some day doesn’t exist for me. Despite being in better health and weight than I have ever been in my life, I had a baby, things are different, hips are weird so college jeans need to go bye bye.  Some day jeans should be an obtainable jean, not something that you drag around, move after move, when you know deep down you can never wear them!



That’s it! That’s what I deleted from my closet this year. Did I miss something? Did you toss an item that just had to go ??? Is there something you loved in your 20’s that you wouldn’t get caught dead in at 30??




2 responses to “6 Things I Deleted from my 20 Something’s Closet

  1. Anything that doesn’t allow for a bra. To be fair, I gave those up probably more like at age 26.

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