Momspiration Monday

Good Morning and Happy Momspiration Monday! Did you have a fabulous weekend? The weather was to die for here in the DFW area and we spent most of our weekend outside. My in-laws came into town for a short visit. They have had the absolute worst luck coming to visit us since we moved to DFW. Twice, little J was sick, then we had ice storms, snow storms and massive amounts of rain that caused their flight to be detoured to Austin. Disaster, so this weekend was so deserved!! We went to the park, ate at outdoor restaurants and took a visit to the Dallas Zoo!


Now however, they are on their way to the airport and the rain is about to head to DFW…..and it’s going to stay for a while. I know I said a few MM’s back that I love the rain, but when you know it’s here to stay for weeks, it’s depressing. Oh well, let’s keep the positive vibes going today- here are the 5 things I am Momspired about this week:


  1. Surprise visits!
    Little’ J’s Godmother and my best friend since forever has the best job. She gets to travel around the country doing….well I’m not exactly sure but every so often she calls to say she is driving through Dallas and can stop by for a visit. Lucky for us, she is with us this week until Wednesday.
  2. French Onion Soup
    I absolutely love French Onion Soup, it’s my home sweet home recipe that reminds me of NY. I have been using Tyler Florence’s recipe for years and it’s absolutely perfect. His use of Gruyere cheese instead of provolone is perfection!! This is on our menu for tonight’s dinner and my mouth is already salivating at the thought. If you are looking for a scrumptious recipe, definitely give this one a try!
  3. Calendars & Kid Sections
    We recently ordered this Melissa & Doug Magnetic Calendar  from Amazon and I am impatiently waiting for it to be delivered (thank goodness for Amazon Prime 2 day delivery!). We have a small corner in our living room that we are converting into an area for Little J and this calendar will be the perfect addition. We have been discussing days of the week and the weather so I think he will love it! Right now Little J has bins in our entertainment area with his toys. Our home is three levels so it is helpful to have a few toys in the living room for him however I hate looking at his toys peeking out from the bins when I’m watching television. We decided to get a small cubby  to hide behind our couch, that way his bins will be present but not in my face! Not having to see kid things after my kid is sleeping is the true definition of Momspiration! Also while I was searching amazing I may have added this one too .. to my cart whoops!
  4. Time To Spring Ahead!
    My little one has been getting up at 6:45am and it has been killing me slowly. Now, I understand we will loose an hour and that’s a huge bummer but for parents this is the time of year that we get to trick our children into sleeping in (is 7:45 really sleeping in now??). My favorite time of the morning is between 6:45 when my husband and I get up and 7:45 when Little J rises. It’s our time for a little bit of coffee, chit chat and to catch up on the news. You know what puts a damper on that? A 2yo yelling MAMA/DADA from his crib. Sleep in sweet child, by the end of this week, I’ll having my mornings back.
  5. Spring Cleaning!
    Now, we just moved to a new house so spring cleaning this year should be at a minimum. However, since we started moving/packing in January I feel like we have been in spring cleaning mode since then. We have been selling/donating and organizing our items and it feels great! Keep an eye out for a post on where you can get the most money back at local Dallas  consignment shops, which selling app works best and which organization will pick up your items at home!



What are you momspired about this week???




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