My Rent The Runway Review!


I wanted to take a minute to blog about one of my favorite companies. If you know me in person, then you know my obsession with Rent The Runway. It has been a complete life saver for me for the past two company Christmas parties that my husband’s office throws. The attire is always black tie and everyone in there looks like they are seconds away from accepting an Oscar. I just cannot justify spending a large amount of money on a dress that I will only where once, especially when I know I’ll have to find another dress to wear to the same party the following year!

Rent The Runway is an online service (although they have opened a few satellite stores- more on this later) that provides designer dresses, clothing and accessory rentals.  On their site, they have the dresses shown on models in a 180 rotation view which is helpful at first glance, but my favorite aspect of their site is the customer reviews. If someone has rented the dress in the past, they often provide a photograph of themselves in it with their realistic reviews. This was so helpful, as things never look the same on the model as they do on me at home. I always follow the reviews of customers very closely when making my RTR selection. Most reviewers will comment on if they felt the dress ran big or small or if the dress was much shorter or longer than it appears.


So far, I have used Rent the Runway twice for J’s Christmas Party but I am excited to try their new line of rental clothing as well as try some of their accessories.

In December 2014 I rented the Wine and Dine gown by David Meister.

Wine & Dine by David Meister

Wine & Dine by David Meister


Ahh I absolutely loved this gown and it is still available! This dress was perfect for a black tie work party. Although it dipped down low in the back, the front was very conservative and classy.


Here is a picture from the front. I apologize for the quality!

How cute are hubby's glasses?

How cute are hubby’s glasses?


This dress was perfect for the event and I fell in love with it the minute I took it out of the bag!


For this years party, there was no question on where I would be getting my dress. Although it took me much longer to select a dress and decide. I finally settled on The Jetson Gown by Nicole Miller

Jetsen Gown by Nicole Miller

Jetsen Gown by Nicole Miller


Lately we have had wedding invitations arriving by the second. First, I can’t stand shopping for dresses especially if I know I’m spending well over $200 and the dress itself will be worn a max of 3 times. Honestly, even if it’s the perfect dress you know it will quickly wear out it’s welcome. RTR has some fantastic options for cocktail attire, date night  and appropriate dresses to wear to a wedding so I should be all set to go.  Since I have only had the opportunity to rent black tie dresses, I can’t wait to try their other products and will of course provide a review.


Here are a few of my current favorites:


Tiger Lilly by Bibhu Mohapatra is perfect for a shower, summer party or wedding!



I love love love the color and fit of the Tea Rose Brandy Dress by Rachel Roy. Anyone seeing a theme here? I’m a huge fan of a double V!


Interested? Here’s the low down on how it all work. Go to and create a log in. Then, using the search pull down tab, search dresses, clothing and accessories. You can create a “favorites” list for items you love so you can go back and compare the later. When you are ready to make a selection, make sure you read the reviews to see what other women thought of the dress, how it fit and comments on the fabric. This will help you to choose a size. One of the best parts about RTR is that they send you a back up size for free!


Best of all, new costumers will receive 20% off their first order!!! Use the code FIRSTRTR20P* at checkout and get 20% off your first rental!


Now…about those Rent the Runway stores I was talking about. If you live in NYC, Chicago, Vegas or Washington DC you have the opportunity to see the dresses in person and work with a stylist!! Lucky ducks. Click here to learn a little more about this process but basically you can schedule a 45 minute appointment with a stylist and try on several of the dresses before you make a decision. I would LOVE to do this but unfortunately this option is not available in Dallas!


Have you used this service yet? I’d love to hear what you think! I will be reporting back with another review when I use this service again this spring/summer so please stay tuned!





**This is not a sponsored blog post although this post does contain affiliated links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. However, the thoughts and opinions on this product are mine alone. 

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