Momspirational Monday

Hello and happy Momspirational Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. We had a very fun but relaxing weekend here at the M house.  We organized a few things in the home and purchased a new entry way table from Nebraska Furniture. Have you been there before? It was really overwhelming when we first pulled up to this over sized store but thankfully it was organized well and this place is now my new obsession. Little J had a sleep over with his grandparents on Saturday night which gave J and I time to enjoy a dinner out with friends. Sunday morning began with an impromptu casual brunch followed by loads of errands and before we knew it, it was time to retrieve Little J.  Selfishly, for me, the best part about Sunday was having my husband take over in the kitchen. I was able to sip a glass of wine and put my feet up while J whipped up dinner.


A perfect weekend if you ask me, and I feel recharged and ready to take on the week.  Which brings me to my Momspiration for the week:


  1. SAHM to WFHM: In some exciting news, I will be transitioning from a Stay at Home Mom to a Work From Home Mom by the end of the March. I was offered a position that I am excited about and feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work while staying at home with Little J. Of course, this will take some time getting used to and my time management skills will be put to the test but I am looking forward to the new challenge.
  2. Accent Furniture:  As I explained about, we took a trip to Nebraska Furniture this weekend, where I purchased this accent piece for our foyer.  I am absolutely obsessed and I keep making us all take a pause to admire it when we come through the front door. An activity that both my husband and toddler are less amused by.
  3. Crock Pot Recipes: I find the crock pot to be a life savers for busy home cooks. I love the ease of being able to throw in a few ingredients and come back 8 hours later to a warm and scrumptious dinner. A few weeks ago, I worked on a recipe that I think is finally ready to share. So, keep your eye out this week for my Quinoa & Sausage Crock Pot Recipe. This is sure to momspire your taste buds and free up your evening from having to cook!
  4. Me Time Since we have moved into our new place and we are finally settled, I have made it a point to carve out some Me Time each week.  This can be an hour or so here and there where I am doing absolutely nothing or participating in something that I love. Last week, it was a bubble bath. Honestly, I have not taken a bubble bath in almost 2 years and it was such a missed activity. After an hour (YES! An hour!) I got out feeling unbelievably relaxed and had a long and restful night sleep.  A few nights later, I sat and did my nails and relaxed with my favorite show. What I am realizing is, there is always time for me as long as I plan for it. Often, I get too wrapped up in mom life and the next thing I know it’s 10pm and time for bed. I’m not relaxed, I have toddlered, wifed and cleaned for the entire day and I am exhausted. Me Time is now something I make time for and if I have to, it’s jotted down on my daily to do list.
  5. Organization: How do you stay organized? Being organized keeps me Momspired for the week. I have always been a planner and color coding kind of gal. I am a stickler for both the electronic and paper planner and normally ensure they are both up to date each day. For Christmas, I received an Emily Ley Day Planner and I am just obsessed. I am able to organize my to do lists, meal plan and schedule all in one book.  Organization has always been a key to my time management skills. In our home, we also have a wall calendar that corresponds to my day planner. Each family member (including our dog!) is assigned a color. This helps me keep tract of appointments and possibly scheduling conflicts between J and I.  I would honestly be lost without this system!449b5b41-d9f5-41c7-bbc4-4e8100e42fd1


What are you Momspired about this week?????



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