Momspiration Monday!

Happy Momspiration Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

The M family spent most of the weekend settling into our house and I can proudly say that we only have one box remaining in our garage that has not been unpacked. Doesn’t it always seem to work out that way?  Anyway, it’s great to start the week unpacked and ready to go!


Here are the 5 things that are Momspiring me this week:

  1. Toddler Talking
    Little J’s vocabulary is taking off! Our little guy was slow to talk but I held off on speech therapist (our own personal decision, certainly not something I am promoting) because we felt like he was right around the corner of chatting away. It was a slow climb but over the past few weeks, Little J has been talking up a storm, identifying people by name and conversing. It’s so wonderful to hear this little humans voice. A year ago, this was something I longed to hear, especially when all his friends were chatting away with their mommas in their cute little voices. I desperately wanted to know how our little guy would sound. Now I do…and also shhhh momma misses the quiet. Just kidding.
  2. Our New Home!
    It is no secret that the M family loves to move. We have always been so lucky and have loved the places we lived, except our most recent home. After selling our home in Austin in 2012, J and I decided to rent in Dallas until we got a comfortable lay of the land and could agree on a location to buy again. Unfortunately for us, our most recent rental was…a disaster. Long story long, it wore on us after a while (yes, a house can do that!) so we are so blessed and happy to be fully moved into our new place.
  3. Rain!
    Yes, I know what I just said and by the end of this week I may not feel so momspired about it but rain brings on arts and crafts days, reading in J’s tent, indoor playdates and staying in our PJs, but mostly it brings water for our beautiful state that is always so desperately craving rain! Plus, Little J and I have new rain boots and a rain jacket to test out puddles in! Seriously, I am in love with my rain boots that J gave me for Christmas. I have them in Modmacharr color but I am also a huge fan of the new rose print!
  4.  This blog post from one of my favorite food bloggers, Sally’s Baking Addiction. A friend introduced me to her years ago and I have been following since early 2012. I have used several of her recipes and honestly, they are all scrumptious! I find SBA to be an inspiration for this blog, so a momspiration for this cloudy Monday. I felt inspired after reading her blog post and I am now even more determined to turn DSBG into a profitable blog!
  5. My Kitchen
    If you have been following DSBG for the past year, you know how much I hated the kitchen in our last home. It was so difficult to move around in and cook in, so I am looking forward to getting back in the kitchen this week for recipe testing. One of the recipes I am so jazzed to start working on is transforming my moms chicken pot pie recipe into a chicken pot pie soup with herb and cheese biscuits. I received this Cast Iron Dutch Oven for Christmas and I cannot wait to use it. I left this in the box after I received it because I wanted to use it for the first time in our new kitchen…that time has finally come! I will be sharing the chicken pot pie soup as well as a few other recipes this week so stay tuned.

What are you momspired about this week? If I am to be totally honest, right now I am momspired by my second cup of iced coffee for the day…this cloudy weather does make me sleepy!


Have a wonderful week!







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