DIY Paper Pinwheels

This was such a fun and easy project I couldn’t wait to share it. As I explained in my Flower Ball DIY Post, I hosted a baby shower for a friend of mine recently. I had so much fun creating all sorts of DIY decor for the shower and these pinwheels were no exception. The best part about these Pinwheels is how quickly I was able to complete them. They look adorable clustered up on a wall together above a buffet or drink table. I would even use them as room decor in a guest bedroom or bathroom.

pinwheel project 1

What You’ll Need


Step 1: Gather your scrapbook paper, you’ll need two sheets per wheel. In this project I 6 pinwheels, so I required 12 sheets of Scrapbook Paper

pinwheel project 2


Step 2: Grab two of the scrapbook pages (same design) and fold them accordion style


Pinwheel Project 3

Step 3: Attach both pieces together using a single Pipe Cleaner

Pinwheel Project 4


Step 4: Start by unfolding the sections and using a Glue Gun, glue together the ends. You may need to hold them in place for a few seconds until the glue dries. It should look like this:

Project Pinwheel 6


Step 5: Clip the ends of the Pipe Cleaner. At this point you can glue on a gem, a cute button or a fake flower to the center to hide the pipe cleaner.

Repeat steps 1-5 until you have the desired amount of pinwheels. To attach them to the wall I would suggest cutting out a small square piece or cardboard or additional scrapbook paper and gluing it to the back. You can then use Velcro pieces or table to attach them to the wall. The additional piece of cardboard or paper gives the Velcro or tape a flat surface to attach to.


Project Pinwheel 7


pinwheel project 1


You’re all set! This was a fun and simple project, perfect for any type of shower, birthday party or basic home decor. Give them a try and let me know what you think!



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4 responses to “DIY Paper Pinwheels

  1. These are so cute! What a great idea for a baby shower or a classroom decoration! Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design!

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