DIY Decorative Flower Ball

This weekend, I have the honor of hosting the baby sprinkle of a very good friend of mine. I decided to host the shower at home (because I’m insane) and make most of the decorations and food myself (because that is the definition of insanity.)  I have however enjoyed figuring out what I want to do decor wise and spending my evenings doing DIY projects and fun arts and crafts.

This decorative flower ball was one of the first things I knew that I wanted to do. I originally observed these at a friends bridal shower a few years back, they were beautiful white flower balls with pearls throughout. The host had thrown them around the room, on tables with the center pieces, hanging in the air above the drink displays and sitting alongside the real flowers at the sign in table. I absolutely love them and luckily got to take one home with me with the hosts permission.


I will be honest with you and say that it took 1 full decorative ball to finally get a hang of what I was going. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I originally posted a photo while working on a navy blue ball. That one, although finished, will be hiding among the decorations and avoiding the lime light. Once I moved on to the bright pink ball I was really starting to master this technique. My advice to you is give yourself a break, don’t stress about not getting it right. The best thing about crepe paper is that you can fold and unfold it several times and start again!


To start, you’ll need crepe paper in any color, a Styrofoam ball (this one is 3.5 inch), a glue gun and a large workable surface.

Step 1: Before you begin, cut the entire roll of crepe paper into 12-14 inch pieces and set the Styrofoam ball on something that will prevent it from rolling. In this photo I am using a Beer Can Chicken stand. Yeah…You read that right. I was at my mother’s house crafting and this was what I found. I had no idea what it was until she informed me. Beer Can Chicken is legit a thing and apparently it’s delicious. A roll of duck tape will also do the trick.



Step 2: 

Crumple the first piece of crepe paper into a ball. You want to loosen the paper up and help make it more pliable. Unroll the paper and flatten it out slightly.


Someone needs to drink more water…look at those fingers!


Step 3: Roll the crepe paper starting small and expanding to a slightly larger roll 6-8 times.


Step 4: Begin rolling the paper outward to create a petal type look. Twist the paper as you bring it around. This was easier for me when I learned to switch hands each time to ensure I was twisting the paper correctly.


Step 5: Use the glue gun to dab the crepe paper at the base to prevent unraveling.


Step 6: Place the flower onto the ball using a glue gun to hold it into place. My suggestion is to put glue on the stem and use the stem to press down the glue to the ball. If you place the glue on the flower directly, it’ll cause you to push down on the flower which will flatten it completely (a sad lesson I learned on the navy blue flower ball)



Repeat the steps until you have covered every inch of the ball! Look what you did! You crafty pro you!

IMG_8240 (2)


I plan on using these on the food and drink table. This would actually also be an adorable addition to a valentines day dinner table! Check out these other ideas for centerpieces and decor on Pinterest!

I look forward to sharing more of my DIY ideas including pictures from the official shower later this weekend.

Happy Crafting!




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