How to Make Your Monday Less Monday-Ish

It’s Momspiration Monday again I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. In the M house, we did a lot of reorganizing and decluttering, which I found oddly satisfying. We sold several items we no longer use, and gave away large bags of clothing to our local Salvation Army and Women’s Shelter.


Now that it’s Monday however, I am dragging.  I find it so hard sometimes to get started on a Monday (said every human ever) but I try and do a few things before the week starts to help my Monday not be so Monday-ish. This is really just a simple list of my Sunday “To Do’s” but I can honestly say that it helps to complete them before the week starts, so today I’m going to share them with you to momspire you to stay organized and get ahead of your week before it bogs you down!

Mom 1 (2)

What my Sunday organization looks like…and yes I was reviewing my stats as well.


1. Meal Plan
This is huge.  On Sunday, I take an inventory of my fridge and flip through old recipes and make a plan. On average I cook 5 days a week, leaving one day as a R.T.F. night(Raid the Fridge) and one weekend night open to order in or go out. I try and think of meals that have a duel purpose. For example, making a steak over spinach salad one night and using the left over steak for tostadas on another night. It’s a huge money saver, I cannot stand throwing away food. I always post our meal plan list either on our white board calendar in the kitchen or on our mini chalkboard. That way, I never have to hear “What’s for dinner?”

Mom 2 (2)

Last week’s quick meal plan! I always jot this down in my “To Do” list notebook so I can refer back to it for changes.

2Shopping List
Right after our meal plan is complete I move to our next task of our grocery list. I make my grocery list to include things I’ll need for my meals as well as additional household items. We keep a magnetic pad on our fridge to jot down things we are running out of during the week so for the most part, I already know what we are out of. I always grocery shop on Mondays so waking up on Monday with my list already made is delightful. This does not just apply to SAHMs, when I was working outside the home, I hated doing my food shopping on the weekend and often left it to be handled during the week!

3.  Schedule/Calendar Updates
This is simple and is normally done after Sunday dinner when J and I are relaxing. It’s just a quick recap of what our week will entail. J and I ensure that our calender’s are up to date with each others tasks. Often this is a great time to remind the other about work happy hours or mom night outs that we have planned.

4. Laundry
I know. You just read that and said “hell no” but hear me out. On Sunday’s, it’s a lazy day, we are watching football and just hanging out for the day. How hard is it to throw in a load or two of laundry. Here is the flip side of this- you get to start your week with clean laundry and it is not a task you have to tackle on that dreaded Monday! Trust me, try it. As an added bonus, include washing your sheets on a Sunday. How relaxing and comforting is it to crawl into bed with clean sheets? Ahh I love it.

5. Evening Mental Detox
This one is obvious but I certainly wasn’t going to end on 4! Grab your vice (wine, green tea, coffee), put the kid(s) to bed, get into something uber comfy and grab your TV remote. This is your time to relax and get your mind ready for the week. This is one of our favorite activities here in the M house. Sometimes this is a quiet, solo activity as J and I don’t always agree on shows but other times its an early Sunday night movie or a F.R.I.E.N.D.S binge. Either way, melt into your sofa and feel accomplished that you get to start the week relaxed and ready to go.


Happy Momspiration Monday! As annoying as some of these things are, I hope they help get your week in order and help make you Monday bearable.



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