Happy New Year from DSBG

Happy New Year Friends!


I hope you all had a festive New Years Eve, I spent the evenings in my pajamas sipping Prosecco and it was simply wonderful. I am not normally into resolutions, mostly because I forget what they are some time around March. This year however I have decided on two items; the first being that I will continue to work on my organization (you should see my Gmail inbox…) and the second is dedicating myself to being a better dog owner. Yup, our sweet pup will be getting more walks and much more attention in 2016! Much more on both of those tasks later.


Today though in honor of our first Momspiration Monday of 2016, I just wanted to talk about being kind to one another. This past Christmas season was truly eye opening for me. I was shocked by certain interactions I had with people and even more shocked listening to the way we all talk to one another. Obviously there was this, but a few days ago a women became very upset with me when I wouldn’t move out of her way because I was taking too long getting my son’s coat on and a few days before that another women stole a shopping cart from my mother. I have watched people get verbally insulting with one another while waiting on line for bagels and then turning around and saying Merry Christmas to someone else like nothing happened. I’ve been almost run off the road, bumped into without apology and cut in line at Target. I guess you could say this really isn’t much in the grand scheme of things but it was really interesting to me and something I plan to take note of in my own interactions in 2016.


No one knows what another person in the world is going through. Let’s look around us before we speak, take a mini break and maybe you’ll see more than just what is bothering you. When you are outside of your own home, you need to make sure you are aware of others . The world is not about you, it’s about all of us and if we can’t even handle being kind to one another while waiting for our morning coffee, then what hope do we have at all?


Think about it loves. Smile at one another, remember your manners and know that just saying thank you can go a long way. Whatever you decide to do in 2016, just do it with kindness.


Happy New Year & Happy Momspiration Monday. Go out and make a difference this year.





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