A Letter to 16C & You’re Forgiven

Dear Southwest Flight 2498 Passenger 16C,

I understand that flying is stressful, believe me, as a parent I know that more than anyone. I also get that crying children on the plane are just awful to listen to and so annoying to add to our flight, add on to the fact that we were delayed well over an hour sitting on the plane before we even took off. I get it, you’re agitated. So when my over tired son started to scream because his ears hurt, I can understand that it was not what you needed.

Here’s what I didn’t need:

I didn’t need for you to joke to the two women sitting in your row (one of which was a Southwest Flight Attendant flying home to NY) that you bet we wished we used birth control. That was hurtful and mean and probably the harshest thing anyone has ever said to me. While I would hope you meant to say it low enough that I didn’t hear, you were wrong. You were basically wishing that my child didn’t exist. How dare you.


Here is what you don’t know:

My son and I weren’t originally planned to be on this flight. We waited at the airport for almost 6 hours yesterday before they eventually cancelled our flight completely. You can thank Southwest Customer Service for rebooking us or maybe Laguardia Airport for not allowing our flight to take off from Dallas but either way, we had no choice. We did get on this flight before you did however, you did choose to sit directly behind us. Maybe take a gander of your surroundings next time.

Here is something else, this child that you believe was a nuisance was the biggest blessing my husband and I have ever received. I prayed for this child for as long as I can remember and even though you don’t want or like children, we do.  Maybe you won’t have children or maybe you will but either way, I hope one day you think back to this comment and realize how hurtful it was.

I had a thousand thoughts in when my head when I heard you say what you did, I’m a New Yorker and I certainly was not taught to hold my tongue but I did. My son will unfortunately learn that people are mean and hurtful for no reason but what I want him to know is that you cannot always say what you want and lash out at anyone that does something you disagree with. I want him to learn to be the bigger person, the better person. I guess that’s something you weren’t taught.

Most likely you will never read this. I highly doubt that you are a DSBG reader but I do want you to know that we forgive you. We do hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your very first trip to New York City.


Seats 15-A,B & C

PS: …careful about that spitfire mouth of yours as a first time Texan visiting NY.




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