Holiday Cookies & Crafty Ways To Get Them Out Of Your House

Baking holiday cookies is something that I have been doing with my mom for as long as long as I can remember. Growing up, one of the best things about my mom was she always let me make a mess; if there was a mess, it meant I was having a blast. Now, my mother was also big on cleaning up and the putting things away once the fun was done but that feeling of being able to do whatever I wanted as long as we cleaned it up after was the best. There was no exception to this rule when we made Christmas cookies, sprinkles were everywhere and frosting covered the counters, floors and my face more than it did the cookies themselves! Now that I am a mother to our sweet Little J, I try to have the same attitude. However Big J is less than pleased with messes, in fact, there is a photograph somewhere of him spraying cleaner around me as I am still making pie crust (don’t worry, the pie was safe to eat.) Fortunately for Big. J, this year we took our cookie baking to my moms house.


Pro of bringing my supplies to my moms? Duel Kitchen Aids going at once!

We actually cut down our recipes this year, normally we make several different types however this year we trimmed that down to just 5. However, 5 types of cookies with recipes normally producing 2 dozen each can lead to a lot of left over cookies. Over the years we have become quite crafty on what to do with the remaining cookies. Believe me, the M Family does enjoy their fair share of cookie eating but we also enjoy fitting into our pants after Christmas so we had to come up with ways to get these yummies out of our house.


Here’s our plan:


  1. Deliver cookie packages to your neighbors! Grab a small tin and fill them with a few cookies and attach a note explaining who they are from and how much you appreciate them as your neighbors.
  2. Make a platter and take them to work. I am currently not working this year so Big J’s delivered two big platters of holiday cookies to his office. For a money saving tip: I grabbed the platters, ribbon and platter wraps all at my local dollar store!



  1. Thank your mailman for all their hard work throughout the year, rain or shine. Grab a small plastic goody bag and throw in some cookies, make sure you write a note (with their name if you know it) letting them know you appreciate all their hard work! Not being sexist here…our mail person is actually a man πŸ™‚

    This bag is another Dollar Store find!

    This bag is another Dollar Store find!

  2. Delivery cookies to your friends. Pack up your cookies in cute little boxes and attach a note, then drive around town and deliver your yummy gifts at their doors. How wonderful would it be to arrive home from a hard day and see delicious cookies at your door from your close friends?
  3. Host a cookie party! Invite your friends over to enjoy cookies, hot cocoa and wine and have each person bring a non-sweet appetizer to combat all that sugar.
  4. For an added bonus: Not sure what to do with those cookies that just do not turn out right? Well that certainly happened to me with a batch of sugar cookies. I used the wrong cookie cutter and ended up with large tree and gingerbread shaped blobs. Have no fear, I planned a cookie decorating party for Little J’s playgroup. The morning of the play date I quickly pipped on icing and set out mini M&M’s and assorted sprinkles for the kids to use. For easy mess control, I placed the cookies on holiday trays (thanks mom) to contain the sprinkles. These kids had a blast and it was a toddler hit!



Did I miss something? What do you do with your holiday cookies?









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