A Gift From Mrs. Claus & Our M Family Tradition

This will be just a quick blurb to share one of my favorite new holiday traditions. We started this last year when Little J was just one years old, he was clueless about what we were doing but I absolutely loved it. I know as he gets a little older, this will be such an exciting gift for him.


Heres the story:

On Thanksgiving night, Mrs. Claus borrows Santa’s sleigh and takes a cruise around the world. She has spent all year making Christmas pajamas for all the good little girls and boys and delivers them on Thanksgiving night so they can wear them throughout the season. Mrs. Claus may also include a simple book or gift about the holiday to go along with the item. Most importantly, Mrs. Claus writes a letter to each child reminding them about the reason for the season.

Last year, we left the package on our doorstep and had Little J run outside. If you have been following me since last year, you know that didn’t end the way we planned. As Little J gets older we will have to really step our game up to keep this going, maybe having a neighbor ring the doorbell and leave the gift? Who knows, stay tuned.

Our little gift for Little J cost less than $30 in total and I found almost everything at Target in one shopping trip!

Red Box: $7.99 –You can really use anything, last year we used a gift bag!
Pajamas: $9.99
Rudolph book: $1.00
Filler: $1.00
Red Felt Envelope: $1.00
Santa is coming to Dallas Book: $9.99 (This item I found at Kroger and Michaels)


Do you do this? Don’t panic if you haven’t started this yet! Last year I shared this with a friend and she decided to do hers on the eve of December 1st to officially kick off their advent calendar and the official month of Christmas. You can basically make your own rules!




On that note, DSBG wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Take a moment to reflect on all the wonderful people in your life. If you are able to surround yourself with friends and family (whether that is one person or 100) than you have a reason to celebrate!



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