Mom-Spiration Mondays & The Holiday 5 Senses

Hello all and Happy Monday! Do you need a little inspiration this morning to kick off this week? It’s a short week at least which should add some pep in your step!

For DSBG’s very first Mom-spiration Monday I wanted to inspire you to get into the holiday spirit. I love everything about this season so for this list I’ve decided to focus on our 5 senses to mom-spire your holiday season:


Photo credit- Amazon

Photo credit- Amazon

I know that there are a lot of Christmas CD’s out there and just about every artist has a holiday CD but this one is the ultimate Christmas sound for me. My parents purchased Glenn Miller Orchestra In the Christmas Mood, when I was about 7 years old and I instantly fell in love. It is the perfect mixture of jazz, chorus singing and classic holiday songs. Pop this CD in your CD player (ok…or just download it on amazon or Itunes and kill my childhood memory) light a fire, pour some wine and relax to the sound of Christmas. Volume II is also a fantastic CD but the kid in me is pretty partial to volume I. This is such an old CD that you can find them online for under $3, Like this one here!

To be clear, my childhood memory included hot cocoa not wine. 



As I previously explained in my September Blog, a scent can really define a season for me and the Christmas season is no exception. Here are a few of my favorite holiday scents including a new budget friendly option.

Now, I love Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle for all my candle needs but I need to share with you about the new Signature Soy Collection at Target.  A large candle from this collection will cost you only $10, a mere 1/3 of what a candle from Yankee Candle will run you and for about the same size. This has been a huge win with me this season and I have already stocked up on my favorite scents!


christmas 7

Photo credit to

You may disagree with me in this category and that is perfectly fine. I first watched A Miracle on 34th Street while spending Thanksgiving at my Aunt and Uncles house in Boston. I may have been about 6 years old and was desperately over all the adult conversation and just wanted to watch a movie. A movie to me at that time meant cartoons of some sort but their movie collection did not include anything like that, so my aunt suggested A Miracle on 34th Street.  I instantly fell in love with the magic of this story and have been hooked ever since.

For the child in me, I have to choose A Year Without A Santa Claus, who doesn’t love the Heat Miser/Snow Miser show down song? Now you can easily purchase these older movies but when I was growing up, I had to check the TV guide and wait for them to air. The countdown to when A Year Without A Santa Claus was always an exciting one to me and I cannot wait to share this one with Little J this year.  There are almost too many good ones to choose, I’d like to also give an honorable mention to It’s A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol.


Photo credit: and

Photo credit: and

Keeping my feet warm is my ultimate goal during the winter months. My first must have are slipper booties, they cover so much more than your average slipper and look adorable with your pajama pants. No one wants cold ankles on a chilly night but have no fear, slipper booties have you covered, literally.

My second must have for this season are from Bath and Body Works. Their Shea Socks are magically soft and feel like heaven on your feet. Best of all, you can snag a pair for just $8 and more often than not they are on sale for even less throughout the season. For an added spa feel, lather some lotion on your feet before slipping on these magical socks to help soften the rough spots on your tootsies.


Chritmas GBL

Did you really think I’d choose anything else? Sure, pies and Christmas cookies can bring on the taste of Christmas but for me it has always been the Gingerbread Latte.  Just taking in the scent of a delicious GBL can lift my spirits but it’s the taste that brings me into full swing holiday mode. I am pretty particular about my GBL (triple grande non-fat, no whip with a sprinkle of nutmeg) but when it’s all said and done, my beautiful holiday drink in a bright red cup is simply delightful. On a few occasions Starbucks will attempt to spice up the GBL (the year of the ginger snap was the absolute worst) but the way I enjoy it is the way I remember it from my very first sip in 2002, pure, simple and wonderful.

I can tell you that even though it is just a few days before Thanksgiving, I am truly immersed in the holiday season. How does my list compare to yours? Even if your holiday 5 senses list is different, I hope this list gave you a little mom-spiration this morning to embrace the holiday spirit this week!



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