A Few Things To Remember & We’re Doing Alright

Happy Wednesday everyone~ We are halfway through the week!

Yesterday was a hard day for us over here in the M house. I can’t even pinpoint exactly what happened or where the day turned but it was exhausting from the moment I opened my eyes. Do you ever have those days? Nothing goes right, your child is an absolute monster and no matter what you do, it just seems to get worse? Yeah. That was us over here. I actually said “RUN, Save yourself” to my husband as he was getting ready to head to the gym.

Ahhh but then my sweet child put his hands on my cheeks and pulled me in for a kiss good night and said “Amen” in the cutest little voice after we said our prayer and my heart melted again. Damn this kid is cute! I started rethinking about my day (wine in hand always helps with reflection) and I realized that it really was not as bad as I thought it was.  I came up with a simple little list to help myself adjust my thoughts on the day and I’d like to share them with you because I know we all have days like this!


Even on a craptastic day, here are a few things to remember:

  1. They won’t remember the amount of times you yelled “NO” so you can stop feeling bad about it.
  2. They are learning! They may not have any idea that today was a crappy day but they do know that they learned not to poke the dog in the eye and not to draw on the chair with a pen. They may also have learned how lame time-outs are but either way, yay for learning!
  3. I bet that you made them laugh. Think about it, even if it was only for a quick second, today you made your child smile and giggles over something silly.  In between the disconnect and the time outs, there was giggling. Who doesn’t love that sound???
  4. You are tired and exhausted because you are the mother to the one thing in the world you always wished for. Lucky Duck!
  5. If they looked at you (even if it was just once, for the tiniest moment) like you were the most amazing person in the world then you’ve won the day.


If you are having a day like we had yesterday than I hope this list brought some clarity to your day. If you are having a fantastic day with your LO than I hope this list just makes it even better.

The sweetest little monster on the block

The sweetest little monster on the block



7 responses to “A Few Things To Remember & We’re Doing Alright

  1. Beautiful truth! I really needed to read this. ❤
    Here's to many more craptastically successful days in Motherhood. ❤

  2. Spot on with this write-up, I really think this amazing site needs a lot more attention.
    I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for
    the information!

    • AnnMarie- Thank you so much, I’m so happy you enjoy reading DSBG! I am working on getting this site more attention but please feel free to forward blog posts you love to others! You can also follow DSBG on Instagram or Facebook under the name DogSlobberandBabyGiggles 🙂 Thank you again AnnMarie and happy reading!

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