Last bit of Mom Wellness and Fall Themed Play Dates!

So my very last post for Mom Wellness week was going to be about working out. However, every time I started writing it, I found it to be a complete snooze fest! Who wants to read about working out? I certainly do not so here it is summed up: I work out at 5:30am (ugh) at the Y and love it (I recommend White Rock YMCA if you are in the search for a new gym!) but I also make chasing after my cute little guy a workout as well. Knee-ups in the park chasing after an almost 2 year old can be intense!

Go Go Gadget Legs!!!

Go Go Gadget Legs!!!

Blah. Working out. Ok- Moving on!


Last week, I decided to host a Pumpkin themed play date with Little J’s buddies and their mommas. To start, we made a visit to St. James Episcopal Church to collect pumpkins at their Pumpkin Patch. It’s a fantastic location and they encourage you to allow the kids to run around in their fully fenced in pumpkin patch. Little J had a blast picking out pumpkins for his friends. All the proceeds go back to missionary trips for the church so I felt pretty good about our purchases. We purchased three little pumpkins and one big pumpkin that I plan to turn into a flower pot….more on that later.

Mini pumpkins!!!

Mini pumpkins!!!

My plan was to have the children come over to our house, overdo it on yummy fall themed snacks while decorating their pumpkins. However, paint and children makes me nervous (see how I handle finger painting here ) so I decided that they could just marker, crayon and sticker their pumpkins instead. Turns out, that was a hit! The kids enjoyed putting stickers on each other’s pumpkins and then pulling them off again. I would say this occupied the kids for about 30 minutes or so and can definitely be done as an independent activity if you need your LO to sit quietly while you handle some chores.

Little J and the girls are hard at work on their pumpkins!

Little J and the girls are hard at work on their pumpkins! FYI-Those are $3 stickers books from the Target $ bins! STEAL!


Finished product!!! This one is by Little J’s friend, Sarah. By the time I went to take the photo he had pulled off all his stickers. I guess that’s half the fun!

For our spread, I made a Pumpkin Quick Bread and little mini pumpkins. Aren’t they cute? Well they were a pain in the butt to make or I’m just really bad at peeling oranges. The directions seemed quite simple, peel the orange and stick a celery stick in the middle. I called it quits after four little mini pumpkins. Cute in theory but that was a big Pinterest fail for me.



Tomorrow I am watching one of Little J’s buddies while her mommy heads to the dentist. We will be using cookie cutters to cut out rice krispie treat shapes and decorating them. Stay tuned…it’ll be messy!



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