Mom Wellness and Mom Eats!

Hello All!


Hope you enjoyed your Wednesday. Today we attempted a new Music class for Little J and spent the afternoon at the St. James Episcopal Church Pumpkin Patch (more on this later.)


So in keeping with my topic for the week, Mom Wellness, I wanted to focus on lunch. This is such a hard meal for me, often times I am running around with Little J throughout the morning and by the time we get home my focus is to feed him and get him down for a nap. During his nap time I’ll grab a quick snack or eat leftovers from Little J’s lunch. Seriously, there have been several days where I have survived on coffee and the crusts of an almond butter sandwich. Not at all healthy and all it means is that I end up loading up on dinner or snacking. Not eating well throughout the day can often make you tired and less energized which can lead to more coffee and snacking.


Lunch has always been my nemeses. Even when I was working full time and had time to make myself lunch, I never did. I would just head on out to Wendy’s or Chili’s or wherever and grab myself something unhealthy to chow down on.  Over the past year I have made keeping our dinner menu creative and healthy, teaching myself recipes and making up new ones. So, I decided to do the same when it came to my lunch. My goal lately has been to create lunches for myself that are well balanced and healthy and I wanted to share some of these ideas with you!

Rice Cake Open Faced Sandwiches

Rice Cake Open Faced Sandwiches

Ahhh. Rice cakes! Don’t let these crunchy bits of goodness scare you, if you really do not like them you can easily use bread. This yummy lunch idea is a throwback to the sandwiches my mom used to pack for me when I was a teenager.  Normally they were closed faced rice cake sandwiches with avocado, cheese and deli turkey meat- delicious!! However, we do not keep deli meats in the house (there really isn’t a reason behind this, I just never remember to buy any) so I had to find a different way to put some protein on this sandwich.  On one rice cake I loaded on the hummus and on the other I spread mashed up avocado, topping both with tomatoes and a sprinkle of pepper. I had made chimichurri sauce a few nights prior and used that to drizzle on top. It’s all about using what you have but I have also drizzled on balsamic which is equally delicious!

Cobb-Like Salad

Cobb-Like Salad


Salad. Wah Wah. A salad mid-day that can keep you full until dinner needs to be loaded with protein. Once of my favorite ways to eat protein is with hard boiled eggs. Ever since I became pregnant with Little J, I love eggs, which is amusing since prior to Little J I couldn’t stand them. On this day I decided to make a little cobb-like salad with whatever had in the fridge, minus the bacon because as delicious as it is, it’s not helping anyone. I grabbed some black beans, leftover pico de gallo, ¼ of a large avocado, 1 tablespoon of hummus and one diced up hardboiled egg. For the dressing, I drizzled some red wine vinegar. Here is a fun tip, if you aren’t into thin dressings you’re in luck! Putting humus on your salad mixed with a light vinegar actually creates that creamy taste that you would get from a creamier (more fattening and high calorie) dressing!

A trick for perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs!

A trick for perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs!

As much as I love hard boiled eggs, we all know that they are a pain to cook. My mom passed on this simple trick to me so I am passing it on to you. Some of you may know this but this was all new information to me! Place eggs in a muffin tin and bake them at 350 for 25 minutes. No more guessing if they are done boiling or worrying about the eggs cracking in the pot. Simple, perfect hard boiled eggs every single time!


My last Mom-Wellness lunch tip is….leftovers! Seems like a duh doesn’t it? I always have something being put into a Tupperware after dinner and unfortunately it ends up in the trash a few days later. Lately, I have been trying to think of ways to re-purpose dinner for lunch. Last night I made Meatball and Tortellini Soup and had it again for lunch today, simple right? Well last week when we made skirt steak with chimichurri, before putting the leftovers away I sliced up the remaining steak. The next day I threw it in with some eggs and rolled it all up in tortilla! YUM.


It seems so easy, the concept of a healthy lunch but I have definitely found it to be hard!  I can say thought that for each day I make a healthy lunch I find that I am less likely to snack and filled with more energy later in the day. Good bye afternoon coffee!!!




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