Mom wellness and Mom-cations!

Whether you work outside the home, work from home or are a stay at home mom, Mom-cations are unbelievably necessary. Now, I’m not talking about Mom’s taking weekend getaways (as awesome as that is) I’m talking about the mini mom-cations. You know what I mean, that trip to Target, Whole Foods, Starbucks- hell, I’ll even offer to put gas in the cars if it means I get some alone time in the car without a toddler shouting over my music (what is that anyway?! Shush! Momma is jamming out to some tunes.)


Now, J will be out of town for the next two weekends for ACL and then Miami (what is his life?!) and that leaves me here on 24/7 Little J duty. Let me first say that I’m actually looking forward to Little J and Mommy dates – mostly because J likes to limit our pizza and popcorn intake…that lunatic. However, it also means that I am on all the time.  I can’t even hide in the bathroom and yell “go find daddy” because daddy isn’t here and C isn’t exactly much help when it comes to herding Little J. So, with these two weekends looming in my future, I decided I needed a little mom-cation and put it on the calendar. In this house, if it’s on the color coded calendar, it’s basically God’s word. It’s the real deal.

Bye-Bye J's!

Bye-Bye J’s!


What my mom-cation looked like:

7am-10:45am- Helping Little J tear up the house with art projects, puzzle making etc because J requested to sleep in (for real? I’m going to poke you in the eye with a fork)

10:45am– Handsome J has graced us with his presence. I give a good morning high five and a quick announcement that Little J needs a diaper change and that the coffee is still hot.

11:00am– Long shower followed by taking even longer decided what I would wear, ignoring all yells and noises from the living room. Kind of like when I used to work at  Starbucks in high school and went in when I wasn’t working to grab a free coffee….I’m here, I work here but I’m kind of off the clock so I could care less about this line out the door.

12:00pm– Kisses, hugs- Momma’s Out Ya’ll!

12:15pm– Arrive at Target. YES! TARGET! This totally is where I want to kick off my mom-cation. The idea of pushing around a shopping cart without having a toddler is pure bliss. Maybe you don’t understand what I am saying here because you have a perfectly well behaved child who doesn’t magically transform into Stretch Armstrong knocking everything he can into the cart as you race through the store, but I do. Target + Alone= Bliss. So what did I get? Diapers and new pajamas for Little J. Ok, so even though I’m without Little J, he was obviously still on my mind and even if I only purchased items for him I still casually strolled the store taking my time.

1:00pm– Arrive at Onyx Nail Bar for a manicure/pedicure appointment with other mom friends. Ahhh, my Dallas friends if you have not been here yet you need to make an appointment ASAP.  For 120 minutes I was in pure massaging mom-cation heaven. A lavender pedicure, manicure plus a glass of Cabernet and I was one happy, relaxed momma.

Mom-cation heaven!

Mom-cation heaven!

2:30pm– My manicure/pedicure was over ….but it was way too early to head home!

3:00pmVeritas Wine Room– YES PLEASE! I was first introduced to this place last year during a Mom’s Night Out organized by our mom group. On Monday nights they do half priced glasses of wine which is a fantastic deal. Unfortunately, we were there on a Sunday so we had no such luck with pricing. A delicious glass of Malbec and a delightful cheese plate (I recommend the Frenchie) and we were happily amerced in good (toddler free) conversation. Breathe in….Breathe out….relax!

5:00pm– Walk through the door. J is happy (why is Little J wearing a pajama top and sweatpants- who cares!) and J announces that the he has done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Breathe in…..Breathe out…relax! Until 5 minutes later when Little J has a meltdown. Back on the clock!



I will be the first to say that I need to make sure I am doing days like this more often.  I mentally felt myself return to normal knowing that Little J was well cared for and I was focusing only on myself.  I spend most of my days centered on ensuring that J, Little J and C (yes even the dog goes before me some days) have everything that they need and are getting to their appointments, work and classes on time. Often, I get to the end of the day and still have laundry to fold, meals to prep or cleaning to do. Relaxation for me doesn’t really come until I am crawling into bed at night. No complaints here because I really do not mind but as pointed out by J, I need to ensure that I am putting time aside just for me. He is absolutely right and from here on out that’s what I plan on doing! Mom-cations can come in any variety and definitely do not have to be as pricey as a mani/pedi followed by the wine bar! I am happily looking forward to another mom-cation where I can just run down to the coffee shop and blog, or run on Katy Trail without pushing the stroller!


How do you mom-cation??? Please share because I need some ideas!




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