Finding Your Texas Retreat From the Heat and Surfside Beach

Let me tell you something, if you are a DSBG reader and you do not live in Texas you may not understand what I am saying here but….it’s hot. It’s like…melt the make-up off your face before you even get to the car hot, keep deodorant in the car in case have to park a mile away from the grocery store hot- get the picture? This is basically our life between the months of June and September and it can get pretty rough. However, it is a nice trade off during the winter months when it’s a cool 50 degrees in December and we aren’t drowning under mounds of snow. I talk about this often with my mom friends but it is extremely difficult to discover new things to do around town and sometimes it just makes more sense to pack up and get out of town! We’ve done a bit of traveling this summer from visiting my in-laws in Florida, traveling to NY and just taking quick weekend trips to Austin, TX. However we recently just got back from a week long trip to a little beach town outside of Galveston, TX called Surfside Beach and I think I can speak for our entire group when I say that it was probably one of the best trips we took all summer!

Surfside Beach is a very small beach town with a handful of casual restaurants and rental homes on both the bay and beach side. This is definitely not the tourist attraction that Galveston is, you will not find a pier filled with rides, chain restaurants or really any attractions at all and to us that was a fantastic thing! We felt, for the most part, that we had the island to ourselves.  We rented a tiny little beach bungalow right on the water and it was heaven.  Although we were traveling for our 5 year wedding anniversary and my 30th birthday, we decided that we couldn’t go to the beach for a week and leave Little J at home with family.  Of course before we left for our trip we decided to research quite a bit of things we could do if it rained (and boy did it rain) but we found that we had the most fun when we stayed at our beach house.

The one time we left the house was for our Anniversary Dinner...and we had to be rescued!

The one time we left the house was for our Anniversary Dinner…and we had to be rescued!


For anyone looking for a fantastic rental we highly recommend  Beach Resort Services. They were very easy to work with and we found the home to be in great condition when we arrived. My husband loves researching so I can tell you that he did a lot of compare and contrast when it came to picking a house rental company and a rental home for us to enjoy so I stand by his choice.


  • The beach!!! Is there a need for anything else? What we loved so much about our beach house was the proximity to the beach. Very easily we could have two adults down on the beach with the kids while the other adults were up at the house. The kids would come right to the stairs when they were ready to come up and out of the sun and enjoyed playing on the deck until dinner. The view is fantastic and on two different occasions we were able to spot dolphins close to shore doing flips out of the ocean!
    Beach trip 5 Beach trip 4 Beach Trip 1 Beach Trip 2


  • Galveston is only 45 minute drive up the coast where you can check out the Pleasure Pier. Here is a little history lesson for you: This was actually the original site of the Flagship Hotel but it was destroyed in 2008 during Hurricane Ike in 2008. The Flagship Hotel was built in 1965 after Hurricane Carla destroyed the original Pleasure Pier that was built in the 1940’s that had the nickname “The Coney Island of the South.”

    A destroyed Flagship Hotel. We took this picture in 2009 the weekend of our engagement in Galveston.

    A destroyed Flagship Hotel. We took this picture in 2009 the weekend of our engagement in Galveston.

  • Although we did not take part in the following this is was we also observed during our vacation: Fishing excursions,  The Jetty and the Crabbing PierFood
  • Meh… when you vacation near the beach you should be able to rave about the fantastic seafood but unfortunately that is not the case. The best seafood dinner I had the entire trip was on our first night when my husband cooked blackened shrimp at our rental house! We did try Edgewater Grill and Pirates Alley during our trip. Yelpers raved about Edgewater Grills seafood and being able to watch the sunset over the bay. Maybe Florida spoiled us a little but we were less than impressed. Most of the menu was fried food and in my husband’s words “even gross seafood can taste good fried” so while it was good, it was basically your run of the mill fried seafood. The sunset was pretty but Edgewater is located right under the main bridge to the island so it wasn’t exactly picturesque. Pirate Alley will receive higher praise from us but again, not because of the seafood. Pirate Alley is located right on the beach so we were able to walk along the beach from our rental which Little J loved. Pirate Alley does not pride themselves on seafood (which seems odd given the location but it is Texas I guess) they do however boast about their burgers. Oh. My. God. We decided to throw in the towel and order their burger and I have to say they did not disappoint! Absolutely delicious and unbelievable filling.  What we found weird was that not one restaurant had a liquor license so say goodbye to enjoying a pina colada unless you plan to make it yourself.
    Enjoying our last night on the beach with burgers at Pirates Alley

    Enjoying our last night on the beach with burgers at Pirates Alley

    So if you are looking for a quiet little beach town that you don’t have to fly to than Surfside Beach is your place! Obviously there are better beaches in the world but for a quick getaway this hits all the marks! I highly recommend as it is family friendly and slow moving. I would suggest going during peak season if you want to make sure you have one sunny day after another. Going in September was risky and we did get two days of rain but we made the best of it and the kids had a blast playing in the rain at the beach!

Making the best of the rainiest day!

Making the best of the rainiest day! Most of us anyway…



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