Wine & TiVo- Yes Please

There is a calm in my house, a little bit of bliss if you will, and it occurs every single day between the hours of 8pm and 10:30pm.  If you are a parent you totally understand what I am talking about. Post dinner, post bath time, post cleaning up the toy explosion in the living room, post goodnight stories and goodnight hugs and kisses is a little bit of tranquility. Add to this, some comfy pajamas, a glass of wine and my remote and I am set to go. While I do enjoy reading, blogging and writing, and will do all three on some of these quiet nights, there really is nothing like diving head first into a 1hr (42 minutes with commercials) story line. The fall line up is always one of my favorite things to check out this time of year. Over the years I have committed myself to watching some real duds (The Ringer, Weird Loners & Awake….RIP) but it never stops me from researching new shows to kick start my fall TiVo.

So while everyone is obsessing over who to play this week in their fantasy football league…this is what I plan to play on my magical TiVo:

New Shows:

Angel from Hell– CBS- Thursday nights starting November 5th
According to CBS, the series follows an angel named Amy, who acts as a guardian for another woman named Allison, forming an unlikely friendship. Sounds pretty ho hum right? Well, Amy is played by Jane Lynch and apparently acts like a crazy person so this should add some delightful spice to the story line. I’m not sure I see this one lasting or getting renewed but I have been wrong before.

Grandfathered– FOX- Tuesday Nights- September 29th
Basic plot summary- Jimmy Martino is a bachelor living life as a successful restaurateur until he is surprised to learned that he is not only a father but a grandfather as well. Did that not entice you? Well…Jimmy Martino is played by John Stamos and FOX confirmed Dave Coulier as a guest star so this is a win in my book. A little mini full house reunion? Done and done.


Coming Back and I Can’t Wait

Scandal– ABC- Thursdays- September 24th
Oh. My. SCANDAL. If you have not been watching this show from the beginning you need to take an entire week off from work and binge watch ASAP so you can prepare yourself for the season 5 premiere. I am a pretty serious Mellie supporter (Mellie Grant 2016) so the Season 4 finale hurt my heart a little bit. My questions for the new season: Ugh, are we doing this again with Olivia and Fitz? Seriously? Did Quinn kill Huck? Will Abby and David get back together? Can Abby be a gladiator again? Can we please get Olivia some therapy?

New Girl– FOX- Premiere date unavailable
Who’s that girl…It’s Jess! This season will focus on Cece & Schmidt’s wedding and not that any New Girl watcher is surprised, but rumor has it that Schmidt will be a legit groomzilla.  This season will be a little odd because Zooey Deschanel was on maternity leave for most of the filming but sometimes I just watch for Schmidt and Nick so I think I’m ok with her being absent from a few episodes.

Homeland– Showtime- Sundays- October 4th
This is one of our favorite shows. We started binge watching this when Jameson was an infant as a way to bond together between the mixture of insomnia, panic and exhaustion that comes with having an infant. We were hooked! This season is a two year jump from where we left Carrie Mathison at the end of season 4. She is now living in Berlin and is out of the CIA. Quinn is allegedly still MIA but is Saul a traitor? How long can her ex-CIA life really last and most importantly I am still holding out that Brody is still alive (I know, I know, he’s dead…we watched him die…graphically but a girl can dream.)


Shows that I am NOT into

Life in Pieces– CBS- Mondays September 21st
According to CBS this is a family comedy told through the separate stories of different family members. Cool…so like Modern Family or Parenthood? Been there done that, NEXT!

Rosewood– FOX- Wednesdays- September 22
I will not even apologize for this, I have no idea what this show is about but do not name a show Rosewood unless it’s a spin off about a delightful group of Pretty Little Liars. You should have picked a new name Fox. PLL has a cult like following and you just copied their hometown. Not cool Fox. CANCELLED.


Another notable mention is Parenthood season 6 will finally be available on Netflix. This has been my summer binge watch and I have been patiently waiting for this release date!


So, did I miss something? I know How to Get Away With Murder had a good following last year so maybe that can be my next binge watch. So, what’s on your TiVo?




Disclaimer- I actually have a DVR, not a TiVo but to me that’s like calling all tissues Kleenex. You know? 


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