30 Years of Life & My 20 something List

This morning we woke up on my 30th Birthday on Surfside Beach to a massive thunderstorm. My favorite part about rainy days is curling up on the couch and reading a good book or, as I am doing today, writing. What a peaceful calm activity. So as I stated, today is my 30th birthday (and my 5th wedding anniversary- I LOVE YOU)  and while I was hesitant about turning 30 I have learned that there really isn’t anything I can do about it. Halfway through my 29th year I found a list I made when I was 22 years old of things I needed to accomplish by the time I turned 30. Certain things on this list I found super annoying but what I love about this list is the overwhelming determination to take on the world. While I skimmed through this list so many things came to mind, some of the items were obviously checked off but some were very clearly not. However, the items that weren’t checked off I found that we ended up doing something better or comparable.


So here is the list….and my thoughts”

  1. Sing on Stage
    I did Karaoke once and hated every second of it- Check

  2. Travel to Paris
    May not have been Paris but I did travel to London, England and St. Andrews Scotland. That’s a win. Check
    30 2 30 3
  1. Live in Boston, LA & Chicago
    I did live in Boston, Austin and now Dallas. It may not be the originally planned LA and Chicago but I think it can come pretty close.
    30 7
  1. Buy a car

    This is actually my  2nd car

    This is actually my 2nd car

  1. Buy a house
    Check (but then we moved to Dallas so…uncheck?)
    30 1
  1. Get a Dog
    You know him as C but we know him as Cooper Dog
    30 4
  1. Love what you do for a living

Got to love the optimistic view of a 22 year old. I worked for CPS for a little over 5 years and I can say that we did some pretty amazing work but it was exhausting and I don’t know if I can say that I loved every minute. Right now I get to be a SAHM to Little J, I volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association and I get to write in my spare time. I can say that right now, at 30, I love what I am doing.

30 5 Jameson Alz Walk Shirt (2)

  1. Write a novel
    Obviously this was a no brainer because there are like a ka-jillion (word from my early 20’s) 20 something bestselling authors. However, I have several pieces written, I just never did anything with them so I guess, stay tuned.
  1. Start a business
    Ok Rockefeller, let’s have a seat. I like how I gave myself no other information-just start a business because it’s like super simple.
  1. Own a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes
    So at 22 when I wasn’t even paying my school loans yet and didn’t have a car payment this seemed totally obtainable. Now? It seems like a ridiculous waste of money. Sorry 22 version of me, I don’t know if I can ever get on bored with this one.


Here is what I learned- Lists are dumb. Did any of you notice some obvious things that did not make the list? Get married and have a child. I can honestly say that those are my two greatest accomplishments of my 20’s. Those two things alone trump this list completely.

30 6


I think at 22, turning 30 seemed like light years away and I had to make sure I crammed in all my “life tasks” into my 20s because basically after 30, I would need to start searching out nursing homes. Silly girl.

So, do I have a list of things to complete for the next ten years? No. My mother always said that she felt her best in her 30’s and that is what I want. I want to just live life in whatever form that may be. I want to take chances and take risks and show my little guy how amazing life can be when you approach it with a full heart and a smile.  I feel good, I feel 30 and that’s pretty awesome to me.





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