Brunch Spots & My Oddfellows review

I will be honest and say that I actually wrote up a small review of Oddfellows back in June 2014 but I had gone during the week and had a sweet little baby who slept in his carrier the entire time. Ahh…the good ole days.

We have been all over the place this summer, from traveling to birthday parties to Daddy’s several rounds of golf, so we decided to make last Saturday a family day. One of our favorite activities is brunch! Secretly, I’m not really into breakfast foods. I feel like breakfast is always too early and sometimes eggs just do not do it for me. If it were socially acceptable to order grilled cheese for breakfast than I may get on board but it’s not. Brunch however has no rules! You can have a cocktail with a fancy coffee and order a side of french fries with your pancakes, it really doesn’t get any better than that.

While normally Sundays are the big days for brunch, Jim and I often search out brunch places to visit on Saturdays. It’s slightly less crowded which means less wait time for our impatient toddler. Last weekend we decided on Oddfellows and it did not disappoint! We arrived at 9:15am and we were told there was a 20 minutes wait, but not to worry because they would just text us when our table was ready. Fantastic! I quickly downloaded the NoWait App to my phone so I could get updates and see how many parties were in front of us. In the mean time we decided to take Little J for a walk around Bishop Arts. Unfortunately for us, most of the stores weren’t open yet but Little J has no time for shopping and was very happy just running up and down the sidewalks. If you can entertain a hungry toddler successfully, I pretty much can call that a win.

Big J & Little J running through Bishop Arts District

Big J & Little J running through Bishop Arts District


Finally a buzz on my phone indicated we were ready to go. As a parent of a toddler, the first thing I do when entering a restaurant is scan around for other children. It’s an immediate assessment to determining how much I need to stress about Little J while we are eating. Thankfully my scan showed several children under 3 dining out with their parents and since the place was busy, Little J’s random noises would probably go unheard.

What we ordered:

Big J:
Goat Cheese & Salmon Scramble

Nonfat Latte
Brisket Hash

Little J:
1 Buttermilk pancake
1 Scambled egg


YUM. Let’s start with the coffee. DELICIOUS. My latte was perfect and Big J gave his Americano a thumbs up. Last time when I was at Oddfellows I chose the Huevos Rancheros and it was top notch. I am not a fan of runny eggs (bleh) so I requested my eggs were fried hard and the entire meal was wonderful. I attempted a copy cat recipe a few weeks ago and will post that recipe for you all soon! This time however I wanted something different and out of my comfort zone (pancakes) so I picked the Brisket Hash. I would have loved to have taken a photo for you….but I ate it…all….very quickly. The brisket was literally falling apart and mixed with the potato, eggs and chucky tomatoes, this was simply heaven.  I was very excited when Big J picked the Goat Cheese and Salmon Scramble, it is something that intrigued me but I was definitely too chicken to order for myself.  The goat cheese made this meal so creamy and wonderful I was instantly jealous that I hadn’t ordered this myself. The scramble comes with two tortillas but according to Big J, he just preferred eating the scramble on it’s own. Let’s get to the pancake! This giant sized fluffy pancake arrived on an equally over sized plate, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Oh.My.God. Thankfully it was too big for Little J to finish on his own because my fork definitely made it’s way over. This pancake was unreal, and probably the best pancake I ever had. Oddfellows offered a red velvet pancake, a gingerbread pancake and pancake of the day- on this day it was a salted caramel pancake. I cannot wait to return and try some of these flavors but if you are a pancake fan you need to get here fast!

oddfellows 2

Overall the meal was delicious, the atmosphere was very toddler friendly and the Saturday morning wait times are significantly less than Sunday. So, if you are a parent of a toddler, make Saturday your new brunch day and head on over to Oddfellows .




Do you have a favorite brunch spot I should try?




This review is my personal opinion. I was not asked or hired to write a professional review. Just a brunch loving momma sharing her thoughts!


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