Thanksgiving 2014 and Mrs. Claus sent pajamas lams!

Thanksgiving finally came which means as soon as the clock strikes midnight the holiday season can begin!!! We had a very low key Thanksgiving this year since Jim is taking his exam in a few weeks and he is on crunch time with studying. Low key thanksgivings however are very relaxing. Jameson stayed in his pajamas until noon 🙂

I’ve really been trying to learn more about my camera and experiment with different lighting so once Jameson was dressed for the day we walked to the park for some Thanksgiving photos. I think I captured a few that were frame worthy and with some minor editing (really need to invest in an editing program) they ended up turning out nicely!

jameson thanksgiving 1 Jameson thanskgving 2

After dinner we started our very first Thanksgiving tradition. I cannot take credit for this as I had seen an example on Pinterest (shock surprise.) Basically the story goes that Mrs. Claus works throughout the year making Christmas pajamas (or pajamas-lams as they are called in our house) and on Thanksgiving night she travels around the world delivering them to all the children. The children hear a knock on the door and when they open it they will see their Christmas pajamas wrapped up on the doorstep. I absolutely love this idea. The day after Thanksgiving is when we do all our decorating for Christmas so how perfect is it to have Jameson all ready to decorate in his Christmas pajamas when he wakes up?

However…I have a 1 year old who doesn’t understand the concept of Christmas or Santa and Mrs. Claus. Actually, he doesn’t always comprehend the concept of pajamas on most nights and fights me when I try to put them on so I’m not really sure why I thought this would go well. Either way, after we all finished Thanksgiving dinner and Jameson had a bath (he was covered in mashed potato…) we heard a knock at the door. Jameson loves our front door so the minute he saw it open he ran over to it…and he didn’t stop running. He ran past the present “Mrs. Claus” spent nicely wrapping and ran all the way down the hallway, full speed towards the elevators, wearing just a diaper. We finally caught him in front of our neighbors door right as they opened it to leave. Happy Thanksgiving from the naked baby two doors down! So it didn’t go as we planned, oh well! He did look cute and snugly in his Christmas pajama-lams though once we got him back inside the apartment. Hoping to keep this tradition going for years to come!

Christmas Pajamas from Mrs. Claus

Christmas Pajamas from Mrs. Claus


We are officially ready to kick off the holiday season!




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