Lights, Trees and Cookie’s please!

Despite not even getting to celebrate Thanksgiving yet, this weekend we spent bringing in some Christmas cheer!!

Holiday Cookie Decorating Party!

Jim has been studying like crazy the past few weekends, so on Saturday and Sundays Jameson and I get a little stir crazy with our same activities  and Saturday had rain in the forecast which put a kibosh on any outdoor fun we could have. So to spice things up a bit Jameson and I decided to host a cookie decorating party! Cute right? Except, I have a 1 year old and he has a bunch of 1 year old friends, none of which know how or have the patience to sit and decorate a cookie. Well….whatever. I threw caution to the wind and sent out the invites to come on over to our house and make a mess 🙂

This was such a fun party for us all. I spent only $44.73 which included decorative table cloths, snowman cookie cutter, cookie ingredients and snacks for both mommies and babies. Most of the items I purchased I will use again for future baking and party hosting so this was a win for me.  The kids had a fantastic time and played with Jameson’s toys while the mommies sipped on some Pumpkin coffee. When it came time to decorate the cookies, I used the coffee table because it was the perfect height for most of our baby friends.  I moved the coffee table into my dining room to avoid any sprinkle/icing/cookie mess on my rug.  The cookies were made earlier that morning and topped with a simple icing (2 cups of confectioners sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter, 2 tablespoons of milk 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract- beat on medium until smooth) so the sprinkles could stick to the icing. Once each toddler had their own cookie and the sprinkles were in reach….all hell broke loose…and it was awesome.

Mmmmm Cookie!

Mmmmm Cookie!

Despite some serious sugar rushes all of these babies took amazing naps after this party including my own child whose afternoon nap went until 5pm! I completely encourage you to throw this type of play date, it was so much fun to plan and even more fun watching Jameson and his buddies have such a good time.


Snider Plaza Tree Lighting

The following day, Jameson and I made some last minute plans to play at the park with a mommy friend and her son but even more last minute we decided to head to the Snider Plaza Tree Lighting instead. If you are new the Dallas area and have not been to this before, you need to go! First of all….everything is free! Okay, well, somethings cost money but most of everything there was free, including the food. They had several local restaurants and businesses there handing out free samples of food, drinks, merchandise etc. It was a perfect unexpected way to spend the afternoon.   The event was from 1:00pm-6:00pm. The tree lighting occurred after dark obviously and since Jameson and I planned on meeting Jim downtown for City Lights at 5pm, we did not plan on staying that long. We arrived right at 1pm and did two complete rounds, gathering every appealing sample we could find! On top of that, Jameson and I took a few photos in the free photo booth, I purchased him his first ornament for 2014 and Jameson got to sit on top of the “Rein-Steer.”

Jameson's 1st 2014 ornament


Although we did not stay very long I read that after we left there was live music, a visit from Santa himself and the official Snider Plaza Tree Lighting. If you missed it this year, I highly recommend you mark your 2015 calendar for next year!


Jamie & mommy with the "Rainsteer"

City Lights

I cannot take credit for knowledge about this event, it was posted through my mommy group but since there was talk of Santa and a Christmas tree we were definitely in! My suggestion is to park with an exit strategy- meaning park in a garage close to the highway so you don’t have to meander through city streets in order to leave! This event started at 3:00pm and went until 8 or so, since we were busy at Snider Plaza we ended up getting there around 5:00pm. Rumor had it that Santa was making an appearance sometime around 6:00pm so we only had to entertain our toddler for 1 hour….game on! Now, here is my beef with this tree- it’s metal. METAL! How can you have an entire event scheduled around lighting a metal tree? Shameful. Snider Plaza had an enormous beautiful tree (no idea if it’s real or fake) so you know it can be done! Anyway, this event was crowded! So many people it was a little difficult to get a stroller through the crowd but we managed successfully to tour the local vendors before the show began.

Let’s talk about this show because it was exactly that! We walked back over to the general area of the stage (staying a good distance away because we all knew we were heading straight to the car once it was over) and heard talk that Santa was on his way! A few minutes later we saw a helicopter flying overhead and a spotlight showed Santa scaling down a line from the helicopter onto the stage, that was amazing and Jameson was in awe! He is currently in love with trains, planes and helicopters so this was epic for him. Santa and the crowd did a countdown to light up the tree and fireworks went off. Honestly, this was a fantastic event despite all the crazy crowds. Seeing Jameson’s face light up looking at Santa and the fireworks was amazing. I highly HIGHLY recommend marking your calendars for next years City Lights event 🙂

J on daddy's shoulder watching the fireworks!



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