Stitch Fix Review #7 and Yummy Beef Stew

I’m back! Seriously I have been the laziest blogger on the block lately and I honestly have no excuse for it whatsoever so I’m not going to give you one, sorry 🙂

On Monday night we had our very first snow flurries here in Dallas. It didn’t stick of course but for one whole hour it was white outside and that made me so happy. I ran out onto our balcony several times to check out the snow in my pajamas. I’m not sure if it’s because it reminds me of NY or if I am just obsessed with hot cocoa but snow is magical. I cannot help but squeal like a child when snow in the forecast! Anyway, even though we didn’t have any snow to play in the next day,  it was still bitter cold so we needed something yummy for dinner to warm us up. I have been making beef stew for a few years now and I believe that I finally have the perfect recipe for exactly how I want it to taste. Since I was a lazy blogger I’ve decided to share this recipe with you all. Like all good cold weather recipes this one is an easy slow cooker, throw it in and go, type meal.  I have a few different variations that I do depending on what my husband and I are in the mood for but I welcome you to try it out on your next cold day 🙂

But first….it’s Stitch Fix review time. Now, let me say that I received this fix almost two weeks ago. I know, LAZY! So I took these photos right after I received it but of course forgot to take a photograph of the item names and prices so this review is going to be a little lame-oroski.

Item #1: Black and Grey overlap shirt

This shirt felt like butter! It was so soft and hugged in the right places without being to clingy but the overlapping fabric in the front was bizarre to me, they were separate pieces which is slightly difficult to see here but all I kept imagining was taking this shirt off at the end of the day and having crumbs fall out.  If you have ever had the pleasure of sharing a meal with me you will understand this.  Eating is messy, with or without a toddler.

Status: Sent Back

Item #2: Maroon and Gray Cardigan

When I pulled this out of the box I knew immediately that I would love it. It is over sized and grandma-ish so clearly it is just my style.  Except, I did not love the material and it felt scratchy when I put it on. I was still optimistic so I decided to wear it for a few hours to see if it would grow on me. I even took Cooper for a walk while wearing the sweater (shh don’t tell Stitch Fix) but that is where my problems started. THERE IS SO MUCH FABRIC! It was a windy day and I swear the wings on this sweater mixed with the wind almost took me off the ground. Too much. TOO MUCH. I also realized that this probably would have fit a little better in the arms and maybe had more manageable fabric if it was in a smaller size.  Alas, the love affair ended quickly.

Status: Sent Back

Item #3: Layered Rory Gilmore sweater

Let me first say that this shirt was clearly not my size. I first filled out my style profile several months ago before I lost all my baby weight. It became clear by the time I got to this shirt that I need to go back in and adjust my sizes. With that being said, this shirt is still weird. I get the concept, I can even jump on board with the concept if say the sweater part was black or just one solid color but this shirt is fugly. Maybe it’s because Netflix started streaming all the seasons of Gilmore Girls recently but I could not get Rory Gilmore out of my head when I saw the top sweater portion of this shirt. Come on now, you can see it too…add in some corduroy jeans and it’s totally the early 2000’s….this was a big no thank you.

Status: Sent Back

Item #4: Leggings…

Nice leggings are weird to me. I buy my leggings at old navy or sometimes I try and pull off my workout pants as leggings and throw boots over them-true story. Either way, I’m not really into $58 leggings. Yes, that is a price I remember from this fix. These guys were super thick and the design at the knee was suffocating my knee caps while the top was a little too baggy for my liking. This was not a match made in heaven…

Status: Sent Back

item #5: Scarfy Scarf Scarf

This scarf if my jam. MY JAM. This scarf is the wool equivalent of when Whoomp There It Is  comes on the radio. You can’t go wrong with a nice warm scarf.  Obviously I was in love and once I subtracted my $20 styling fee this scarf came out to $14. WIN

Status: Kept

I had actually meant to hold off on Stitch Fix until after the holidays but I forgot to set that on my account and next thing I knew I was getting a new shipment. Whoops! However I do love the scarf! Had this not arrived right after my sons 1st birthday and right before the holidays I may have kept the crumb catcher shirt as well.

My next fix won’t arrive until January 14th! That seems so far away but with holiday sales coming up I’m sure I’ll survive the wait 🙂

Do I have you hooked yet? Want to give it a shot? Click here to get started!!!! As always it costs only $20 for the styling fee but that is subtracted out of anything you purchase. It’s easy, fun and who doesn’t love to receive a surprise package in the mail???

It’s stew time people! This is a combination of several different recipes I have tried over the years and it’s easy peezy!

Beef Stew Recipe:


1.5 pound beef stew meat

1/4 cup of all purpose flour

1/2 tablespoon of seasoning salt

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon cracked ground pepper

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 large onion diced OR frozen pearled onion (dealer’s choice)

2 bay leaves

1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce

32 oz Beef Broth

4-5 medium red skinned potatoes, washed and diced (and peeled if you have babies chowing down on this)

3 large carrots- peeled and sliced


1. Place stew meat along with the flour, seasoning salt, garlic powder and pepper in a zip lock bag and shake shake shake!

2. Heat the olive oil in a skillet and add the floured stew meat to the pan. Heat until the meat is brown on all sides.  Using tongs (or something similar…your fingers if they are clean…or a fork) place the meat in the bottom of your slow cooker.

3. If you decide to forgo pearled onion this step is for you– Saute the diced onion in the same skillet where you cooked your meat. Don’t you dare clean that pot before hand, all that browned beefy goodness will add extra flavor to your onions! Saute for 2-3 minutes and transfer to the slow cooker.

4.  Mix the beef broth and Worcester sauce into the saute pan to gather up and brown bits that your onions and beef may have left behind.

5. Add the diced potatoes, carrots and bay leaves to your slow cooker and poor the broth mixture over everything.

6. Cook low for 8-9 hours or high for 6 hours

7. If you are using pearled onions (my husbands favorite….me, not so much) add the frozen pearled onions in halfway through the cooking time.

Serve this baby up with some yummy warm cornbread and you are in business. I don’t have a cornbread recipe because I stand by the simple fact that the 80 cent box of jiffy makes the absolute best corn bread in all the land. Trust Me.

Throw this in the crock pot in the morning on a cold day and you won’t be sorry you did!!! Prepping this meal in the morning takes approximately 15 minutes which includes dicing the veggies.  A friendly tip- dice up your veggies the night before that way you can cut some time down in the morning.

Have you tried this? What do you think????


This review is my personal opinion. Stitch Fix did not asked or hired me to write a professional review


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