Stitch Fix Review #6

It’s here! Fall, pumpkin spiced lattes but most importantly, my 6th fix from Stitch Fix!!! I started receiving fixes in May of this year after hearing pretty rave reviews from one of my friends. As a mom, I find this theory delightful. Have you ever shopped with a soon to be toddler? My sweet little baby has zero tolerance for anything that isn’t fun and sitting quietly in a fitting room while mommy tries on clothing is apparently not fun to an 11 month old. Do you want to know what is fun? Crawling underneath the fitting rooms to see what other people are trying on.  That, Jameson considers a fun time and it’s even funnier when mommy starts chasing him around the fitting room trying to wrangle him back in the stroller. Which brings me back to Stitch Fix and why I appreciate having clothing not only selected for me, but delivered to my front door (or concierge in the lobby) on a monthly rotation. If you want to learn more about this feel free to head on over to my very first Stitch Fix review where I go into a little more explanation on how it works.

So what did I get? I can tell you I was very much looking forward to this fix because I knew it would include some cooler weather items. It may still be 90 degrees here in Dallas but a girl can dream can’t she?

Here we go:

When I first opened the box and caught a glimpse of the clothing I was honestly pretty excited. I don’t know if it was the maroon, navy and green colors that instantly reminded me of fall or the note from my stylist, Sari, that was covered with an excessive amount of explanation points but I had a good feeling about this fix.

Stitch Fix #6!

Stitch Fix #6!

Item #1: Mulliken Raglan Striped Knit Shirt $48

By Olive & Oak

By Olive & Oak

I write all the time in the notes to my stylists that I am a stay at home mom and fancypants shirts do not work with my everyday wardrobe. Sari listened to me!! I am in love with this shirt. The fabric is AMAZINGLY soft and delightful. Obviously post baby momma’s are not normally big fans of horizontal stripes but the way this shirt lays it doesn’t seem to make me look too hippy (hippy as in my hip bones not Janis Joplin.) I can easily fit this piece into my closet and can see myself wearing it through the fall/winter season! LOVE.

Item #2: Nikky Striped Faux Wrap Jersey Dress $58

By Gilli

By Gilli

When I first saw this dress on the style card it looked like the black and white version I had seen in several over Stitch Fix reviews over the past two months so I was pleasently suprised to find the navy version in my fix. Unfortunately, that may be where the dream ended for me and this dress. I don’t know if it’s because I was recently pregnant and that was the style of maternity clothing but I cannot wear anything now that ties in the back. It just reminds me of being pregnant. Not that being pregnant wasn’t wonderful, I would just rather not feel pregnant almost a year after giving birth to my son.

Stitch Fix 3

You can’t see in the photo (because clearly I lack editing skills) but I paired this dress with beige peep toe wedge sling backs. I honestly did not mind the dress once it was on. The fabric was nice and light and although the length was a little too long for me, I felt I could put this in my closet and work with it. That is, until I got to the back and saw the tie. I can’t. I just cannot do a dress with a tie in the back….

Item #3: Lexis Chevron Print Henley Tank $48

By Papermoon

By Papermoon

Immediately this shirt reminded me of the monstrosity I received in my 3rd fix. I even double checked to make sure it wasn’t the same shirt in a different color. It wasn’t. Two designers actually made matching fugly shirts. I gave this shirt a chance though and I tried to style it the best I could and even tried styling them with the Anita Ponte Pants which is item #4. See below

Item #4: Anita Ponte Pant $78

By Liverpool

By Liverpool

When I first took these pants out of the box I felt like they were an immediate keeper. They are soft like leggings but thick so I don’t feel like I’m running around naked. I felt these would pair well with my boots and several of the wintery tops I have. On a side note, I love love love the flannel top and boots that is shown on the styling card above. Maybe I’ll request that on my next fix….

Anita Ponte Pants & Lexis Cheveron Print Henley

Anita Ponte Pants & Lexis Cheveron Print Henley

At first I tried to pair the Lexis Chevron Print Henley Tank with my green ankle jeans from my first fix. Awful. So much color it made it dizzy. Since I already felt ridiclous I decided to pose ridiculously and forgoe even putting shoes on for the photo. I gave the shirt another chance and paired them with the black Anita Ponte Pants and my tan boots. I wasn’t so bad and I didn’t hate it that much but the shirt was pretty boxy and not flattering at all. I think I can officially say that I hate chevron print. I love it on others but hate it on me. Is it out of style yet? I’m ready for a new print.

I swapped the boots for some flats and threw on a pink tank and my favorite infinity scarf (thank you Old Navy) to give the pants a different look. They felt great on and had real pockets! This is a huge pet peeve of mine, when leggings pretending to be pants do not have pockets. It’s like dressing up like Santa but not putting on the beard. It’s awkward, we know what you’re trying to do but we can all tell you’re not the real thing. Okay- Back to the legging type pants WITH pockets- loved them. That is all.

Item #5: Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan $58

By Market and Spruce

By Market and Spruce

I had seen this cardigan on a few other blogs that I follow and decided to request it for this fix. Normally they will try to get what you requested but if they get new merchandise in, it’s hard for them to find you something from several months ago. With that being said, I was pretty pumped to see this on the list of items I was receiving. I had actually requested this sweater in navy or coral and specifically asked to not receive it in grey. I had only seen reviews with those three colors and had no idea it came in this green. I love any color that I feel I can easily wear with both black and brown. This sweater looks great zipped and unzipped and I can definitely see myself throwing this on with several different tops and bottoms that I already own. The only negative that I see with this sweater is the zipper feels a little flimsy and for $58 that kind of bums me out.

Stitch Fix 11

I decided to pair it with my dark skinny jeans and boots because those two items basically live on my skin during the fall and winter. If I purchase this one, I will most likely wear this open but I do like the asymmetrical look of the sweater when it is zipped up. It’s different from anything I already own!

GUYS- I need your help! If you hadn’t noticed I did not put a verdict after each of the items because I am honestly so torn! I think at this point I am deciding between the pants, the green cardigan and the striped knit shirt. What should I keep? What should I send back? I will probably narrow it down to just two items since October is a busy month for us. ( Jim & Jameson have their birthdays this month!) Help me decide 🙂

If I were to purchase everything I would receive a 25% discount which would bring the cost down to $202.50 including my $20 styling credit. I still love this service so much but I think I’ll be taking a break during the holiday season and resume again in January. I have a feeling my clothing budget may go to more important things like matching Christmas pajamas or fuzzy holiday slippers! Kidding….

Does this sound like fun to you? Give it a try and see for yourself. If you click here through my referral link I will receive a credit towards my next fix.



This review is my personal opinion. Stitch Fix did not asked or hired me to write a professional review


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