How to make awesome first mom-pressions and You want me to potty train my what?

It has been a week you guys! So many times I meant to sit down and bang out a blog post but I have a teething baby and a house that never seems to be as clean as I want it to be so this goes to the way side unfortunately.


How to make an awesome first mom-pression:

So I have been living in Dallas for 6 months now and have met several moms who live in my area but have yet to meet any moms in my building but that all came to an end last Wednesday when I was in the elevator coming back from a quick walk with Cooper.  This very cool calm and collected looking mother of a 5 month old walks in and sees me- old faded yogas, a shirt that says “Keep Cupcakes Weird”, no make up, crazy mom hair, J trying to escape the Ergo all while I’m trying to keep Coop from sniffy this fancy moms crotch.  We do the usual exchange of our child’s ages sprinkled with some small talk and right as we are getting to her floor and the doors open she mentions that she just moved here from New York so I said I was as well and held the elevator door open so we could exchanged numbers. Cool calm and collected right? No. I got so excited that I found another New Yorker in my building that I practically leaped into the doorway of the elevator to keep it opened and yelled at an ungodly decibel “ME TOO! I’M FROM NY. I’M FROM THERE.”  Surprisingly my lack of social skills did not seem to scare her off and she said that she hadn’t met anyone yet and had only been in the city for a few weeks. She invited me to coffee and we exchanged numbers. As I made my journey back to the 14 floor I made a serious mental note to look more put together before this coffee date.


Fast forward to Tuesday of this week: No yoga pants and there is definitely make up on my face! SCORE! The downside was that Jameson skipped his nap but I decided instead of cancelling we would power on through, especially because he was being so silly and adorable while we were getting ready. Unfortunately that was the calm before the storm. During the 30 minutes we were at the coffee place, on our new mom friend interview, Jameson screamed bloody murder on more than 5 occasions, in an effort to wiggle out of my grasp he threw my pumpkin spiced latte across the floor and in his grand finale he climbed up to the window and licked it. All the while our new mom friend was sitting in shock holding her non-moving, very quiet 5 month old. So maybe this was not the mom-pression I was hoping for….We left after the licking incident and I’m pretty sure the staff were happy to see us out the door.


You want me to potty train my what?

I was at Gymboree today with my little guy and started to chat it up with a new mom in our class. Her son was a little older than mine so we were going over the basics: eating, sleeping schedules, just some basic mom chit chat until she says “Is he potty trained?” You guys! My son is 10 months old, 10! I said no slowly because I honestly wasn’t even sure if I heard her right. She says “Oh, I started potty training at 7 months” ( Now, let me stop and say that I know it is common practice in other countries to start potty training before a year but I really have never heard of it here in the US) Clearly my dumbfounded look encouraged her to continue so she told me that she would just watch for his “pee pee face” and his “poop poop face” and bring him to the bathroom and wait for him to do his business. Here are my thoughts on this….Ain’t nobody got time for that!! Honestly? I feel like I’m pretty good keeping up with the latest things that I should be doing with Jameson but this I just cannot get behind! It took me forever to figure out the difference between Jameson’s cries and what they meant when he was an itty bitty but now I have to study him for a “poop poop face?” No. Thats crazy talk- at least for us it is. I’m going to high five my husband on doing everything we needed to our first year and leave this potty training business for another year.

I am intrigued by this though!! Have any of you started to potty train before 1?? Was it successful? I feel like it would be a lot of holding your baby over the potty waiting and also (I wish I had thought of this question this morning) I have a boy, how does that work if he can’t stand on his own or do you dangle him horizontally over the potty?

I’ll leave you with that image and call it a night 🙂




2 responses to “How to make awesome first mom-pressions and You want me to potty train my what?

  1. I recently wrote a blog and skimmed across the idea of potty training before 12 months and I got some unnecessary online abuse for it. I don’t think physical potty training is needed before 12 months (unless the child is ready, they all develop differently) but I do believe it’s possible to prepare babies for potty training just as we prepare babies for eating by weaning them from milk- purée food – solid food. I’m testing my ideas with my 2 month baby and when the time comes I’ll write a blog about it. It may or may not work and I’m prepared for either way. But, surprisingly I’m seeing results already. The basic principle is that I only change his nappy in one place (the nursery dresser) and create a ‘baby bathroom.’ Then he’ll learn in time that we only poo/ wee in one area of the house so when the time comes to only poo or wee in a potty it isn’t a massive leap. I’m not rushing him or doing anything forceful, I’m just strict about only changing him in one place. He’s 10 weeks now and always cries when he’s wet but stops crying when I walk up the stairs or across the landing to his bedroom so he’s understanding that there’s a routine after only a few weeks, just like he’s understanding night time already and sleeping well. I might be completely wasting my time but I might be onto something! We prepare them for sleeping through the night by having a bedtime routine so why can’t we have a nappy routine to prepare them for potty training? Please don’t think I’m suggesting dangling a baby over a potty, that is silly but I think routines help them learn faster! (I’m from the UK and it is ‘normal’ to potty train between 18-36 months.)

    • When we are home, Jameson is changed in the same place (mostly for my own personal convenience and the size of our apartment) but I wonder how you will handle that when you are out and about with your little one? I have had to change diapers on running trails, my car and most annoyingly in his stroller because we were at a place that did not have a changing station in the bathroom. I’ll be interested to see how this works out for you and your little guy! I have a friend from the UK who has also started or either looked into doing this too so it’s definitely something that people are doing, I just don’t see it working for us at this point. Excited to read your blog in the future when you can fill me in on your experience! ❤ E

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