Stitch Fix Review #5

So here we are, another month, another Stitch Fix. I was pretty excited while waiting for this one because I had asked for dresses to wear for my Birthdaversary dinner in September and some casual tops/bottoms to wear during the week . My husband is super busy studying each night so no time for him to be my photographer. I’m not a good selfie taker so I grabbed my camera and tried to figure out how to use the timer. These are pretty rough and I was rushing because I was on a 1 hour Jameson nap time frame.

Here we go:

When I first opened the box and read Brennan’s note, I was less than thrilled. However the colors and fabric of everything looked like fun so I was willing to give it all a chance!

stitch fix 3

Item #1: Rorie Multi Stripe Maxi Skirt $54

by Loveappella

by Loveappella

Guys. This dress is my jam! I love the feel of the fabric, the design and the colors are delightful. This is a perfect dress to wear during the week when I’m running around with Jameson but….this thing was soooooo long. In the picture on the left I am wearing 4 inch heels and the skirt is still draping onto the floor. Unfortunately it did not make sense to me to purchase this dress and then pay more to get it hemmed. So disappointed about this one!

Status: Returned 😦

Item #2: Priya Graphic Chevron Print Mixed Material Tank $54

By Pomelo

By Pomelo

The name of this shirt has 7 words. That should have been a hint that this shirt was a little much. The cut was a little too boxy for me and I could not get over the pattern. Multi colored chevron, horizontal stripes with diagonal stripes going through those stripes- too much. TOO MUCH. At least for me. So this was an easy decision for me.

Status: Returned

Item #3: Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee $44

By Pomelo

By Pomelo

This shirt seemed just blah on the hanger but when I put it on: Oh my comfy. Seriously, this fabric is like butter. As plain as it is it was actually exactly what I had asked for. This shirt is perfect to slip on to head out to the park with Jameson. I loved the high low feature (much more appropriate than the monstrosity in my last fix) I tried this outfit with a pair of jeans at first and then, in honor of the upcoming Pumpkin Spice season, I “falled” it up a bit with boots, leggings and a scarf. Blair Waldorf, take a seat. Leggings are pants, at least in this house they are!

Status: Kept! Mine mine mine!

So the next two items fell under the other part of what I requested. Something to wear to dinner with my husband on our 4th wedding anniversary and my 29th birthday. I was annoyed immediately when I read Brennan’s note to me that the dress she sent was not anything close to what I suggested but I was willing to be open minded and give the skirt and dress a shot.

Item #4: Walt Striped Skirt $68

by 41 Hawthorn

by 41 Hawthorn

41 Hawthorn is Stitch Fix’s personal brand. Out of the box this skirt did not impress me at all. The feel was a little rough and horizontal stripes on a tight fitting skirt just seemed like a bad idea. Brennan suggested that I pair this with a lose fitting off the shoulder top but I don’t have that. I actually didn’t think I had anything that would go with this until I remembered this black top that I purchased in 2007 (seriously….I need newer clothing!) I didn’t mind this outfit once I put it together but it seemed to businessy for me to wear out to a dinner. If I were still working I would have purchased this one immediately but unfortunately this didn’t work for my birthdayversary dinner and I don’t wear skirts like this very often.

Status: Returned

Item #5: Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress $68

By 41 Hawthorn

By 41 Hawthorn

Sigh. This dress isn’t bad it’s just not what I was looking for, at all. The more I wore this dress the older I felt in it. The neckline reminded me of something I would wear to a business meeting. It’s not like I wanted something ridiculously low cut but come on! It’s my anniversary….can I show a collar bone at least? This is a huge let down and I had a feeling it would be when I pulled it out of the box. Luckily for me I wasn’t counting of Stitch Fix to provide me a dress so I do have a back up in mind.

Status: Returned

So in the end I only ended up keeping the Sam Hi-Lo shirt. Thanks to two referral credits this shirt was actually free for me. WIN! I am very happy with this comfy fall purchase and although I’ll wear it now with jeans, I cannot wait to layer this up with scarfs and pair it with boots. Hurry up fall!

Stitch Fix is a fantastic service and it is so much fun to get new things in the mail each month. For me, going shopping is only something I can do when Jameson is at home with Jim. However every time Jim is home I would much rather spend time all together than leave them and go shopping. The idea of having someone pick out items for me is extremely helpful. I delayed my next fix until October, hopefully it’ll be a little bit cooler here in Texas so I’ll be able to request some fall items.

Sound like fun? Use my link and you can start up Stitch Fix for yourself! Plus I’ll get a $25 referral credit if you do 🙂

IMG_5981 (2)


This review is my personal opinion. Stitch Fix did not asked or hired me to write a professional review


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