“Of course it will” and Jameson’s first gymboree class

Today I was standing on my floor waiting for the elevator, holding a squirmy Jameson in one hand, his sippy cup and keys in another while trying to balance his diaper bag on my shoulder. We were on our way our first Gymboree level 3 class! When the doors opened, I saw a women with an infant car seat by her feet and she was also holding a diaper bag, keys, a bottle etc. We exchanged smiles and good mornings and quickly shared how old our babies were (mine- 10 mos and her 3mos.)  Jameson and I went to turn to play with the mirror (we are huge fans of elevator mirror mommy and Jameson.) The ding from the elevator signaled it was our exit and the mommy and 3mo were getting off as well. I heard from behind me “Does this get easier?” When I turned to her she continued and said “Gracie is up all night and I am so tired.”

I wanted to tell this girl, who was me 7 months ago ‘YES! Oh my God does it get better!!! That little girl is slowly going to develop the coolest little personality- And just wait until you hear her giggle, it’ll send you right over the edge and you’ll do anything you can to make the giggle happen again and again.  Your sweet baby is going to become your little 20 pound best friend and you both will look forward to your days together. Most of all, after she starts a routine and begins to sleep during the night you will find that a small (very small) part of you will miss your late night cuddles as you got her back down to sleep.’ Since we were talking and walking to our separate cars and I didn’t have time to say all of that, I said this: ‘Of course it will!’ which is what every mother with an older child tells those with new babies. Of course it will get better. She smiled and said thanks and walked away. Because we were running late to our class I didn’t have time to say anything else but I should have!!


In other news- Jameson had his first level 3 Gymboree class this afternoon and he absolutely loved it. When he wasn’t doing the gymboree activities he would entertain himself by following this little brown eyed, brown haired 13 month old around. As a parent I am obsessed with Jameson laughing and giggling at the silly songs and movements of his teacher. However, 22 year old in me snuck out today and took a gander at what I was doing; Slamming my hands on the ground to make thunder, dancing with Jameson (more like hopping) and making star shapes with my hand while singing twinkle twinkle little star. It was halfway through parachute time (YES- they do parachute like Kindergarten Music Festival style!) and I just started laughing. My 22 year old self would have died laughing herself if she knew what she would be doing 6 year down the road.  Funny how your perspective on parenting completely changes once your babies arrive. At 22 you are still way to worried about what other people are thinking of you but when you have a baby none of that matters. The only person you are thinking about is the teeny tiny little face smiling up at you while you make monster noises and stomp around them. That’s pretty awesome.


Update: Some concern was voiced about Jameson’s car seat straps…so here is goes: I know how to properly strap my child into the car. I was in the process of taking him out of the car when I realized I wanted a picture of him in his new convertible car seat…straps were already loosened by me in the process of taking him out. Calm down mommas 🙂 Let’s play nice 


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