Stitch Fix Review #4

So it’s late and I’m going to jump right into this! My 4th Stitch Fix arrived and unfortunately this was a dud for me. If you have no idea what I’m talking about feel free to head on over to my first Stitch Fix Review.

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix you can sign up using my referral link. If you do, I will get a $20 credit and that’ll make me super happy:-)

Disclaimer: I meant to try these close on during the day but completely forgot so you are getting weird lighting and an almost no make up face. Such is life.


At first glance I was into this box because of the pops of color. I will say, I saw those teal jeans and immediately thought….are those the same jeans from my first Stitch Fix???

My handsome photographer is at Rangers/Yankees game tonight so my lovely mother, who is in town visiting, stepped in to tackle the task!

Item #1:Carson Lace Detail Cross Front Blouse by 41 Hawthorn $64

lace shirt

There were several things that I liked about this shirt, the lace back, the crisscross front and the fact that it covered my tush. Unfortunately it didn’t outweigh that the front bubbled right at the hips and was too short for my liking. When I wave my hands in the air like I just don’t care, not one needs to see my belly button. I’m 28 not 18.

Status: Returned

Item #2: Astair Abstract Stripe Front Pocket Blouse by Under Skies $48

pink and white

When I first pulled this out of the box I really loved it, the cute design and color were what I was looking for but unfortunately that is were the dream died. The capped sleeves did nothing for my arms and the length once again was too short.  I know what you’re thinking ‘you’re being dramatic, no one waves their hands in the air like they just don’t care anymore.’ Well, you are wrong. I do it all the time, I mean honestly, what do you do with your arms when Wannabe comes on 90’s on 9?!

Status: Returned

Items #3: Maybelle Striped Sheer Back Tank by Papermoon $44

blue and white strip

This appeared to be completely my style. It’s like a shirt mullet and I can get down with that. Unfortunately, the front of the shirt was boxy and the back was so much longer than the front that it looked a little ridiculous. If the back was just slightly shorter I would have been sold on the spot. I can work with the boxy front by adding in accessories but the length difference was really bugging me.

Status: Returned.

Items #4:Joshua Colored Ankle Jean by Pink Martini $64

teal jeans

I almost did not post this particular photo given the fact that these jeans actually tried to strangle the life out of me while showing every unfortunate and meh part of my legs, however I committed to doing these reviews so I thought I should show the good and the bad. If this hurts your eyes, I apologize 🙂 Ok, so first of all these pants were annoying similar in color to the pants I actually purchased from my first stitch fix. I feel like that should have been reviewed prior to selecting this color for me but I can get past that. What I cannot get past? The low rise waist. Are we still doing this? and by ‘we’ I mean the late 20’s early 30’s post baby ‘we.’ Unless you are a magical magician that puts hips back where they belong low rise waist pants are a thing of the past. Sigh.

Status: Returned

Item #5: Delia Braided Waist Maxi Dress by Gilli $84
blue dress

Ahhh. I actually really enjoyed this dress. The length of this was perfect for me since I love wearing sandals with maxi dresses and the fabric was light and flowy. However, the chest of this dress was built for my bustier friends, not me and upon further review I found a stain on the braided fabric. LAME. Lastly, if you can get past my classy purple bra straps you can see a string tie on the back of this dress and that style was on most of my maternity dresses. No lady ever wants to wear anything that resembles anything that she wore while pregnant. Goodbye pretty blue dress.

Status: Returned.

A bust. I returned my entire fix and forfeited the $20 styling fee. I will make a confession and say that I did not request anything specific for this fix and I meant to go back and make changes to my style profile but never got around to it so some of this is my fault too. After I checked out for this fix I did go back in and make changes to my profile. I found that they had added new more specific questions that hopefully will help for my next fix. I did specifically request darker colored ankle jeans for the fall and casual tops to wear while out and about with Jameson.

My next fix arrives on August 25th (Happy Birthday mom!) and even though SF #4 wasn’t for me I am still excited about this service! Are you interested? Give it a shot!

Enjoy the rest of the week guys!


This review is my personal opinion. Stitch Fix did not asked or hired me to write a professional review


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