Pool, Park Baby and Ice Pops!

We have had such a busy week this week. Over the weekend we decided that we would get out and about with Jameson as much as we could. Secretly I think my husband gets more stir crazy than I do being inside on a beautiful day. We started off on Saturday grabbing some coffees and heading over to the park by our house.


That is one of the things that I love about Dallas. There are so many parks in the city that have brand new equipment, are clean and kept clean and most of all, we feel safe going to. There were definitely some great parks in Austin, most of which we didn’t get to sample because Jameson was too young. We lived outside of the city in Austin and none of the larger parks were in walking distance. In our area now we have Cole Park in walking distance and several others are a short drive away. Cole Park is perfect for us the they even have smaller playscapes for the younger children. There are always dogs off the leash at this park but whenever I set the blanket down and take Jameson out of the stroller most of them leash up their pups.  Unfortunately because it’s the summer and summer in Dallas in unbearable we have to head out to these parks in the earlier part of the day to beat the heat but since I have a 7am human alarm clock this doesn’t ever seem to be a problem for us 🙂

After our park adventures and much needed naps (for Cooper and Jameson) we headed over to Steel City Pops. I had never been to this place before but heard about it from my two mommy friends who have little ones around the same age as Jameson. This. Place. Is. Delightful.  I tried the Blueberry Basil, Jim had lemonade and we got Jameson a watermelon flavored one. Here is a tip, when it’s 95 degrees outside, don’t get your 8 month old his own ice pop….he will eat at a snails pace and most of the pop will melt all over him. Jameson loved his ice pop, unfortunately for Jim, Jameson loved his lemonade flavor more than the watermelon we purchased for him so they had to share. My only beef which this place is they have very limited indoor seating. There were a lot of young children there when we were there but not a lot of space for them to go.  I’m not sure they realized how much a draw this would be for young kids (and moms with strollers.) There is a porch out front where you can sit but in the hot sun that isn’t much of a relief.

Steel City Pops!

Steel City Pops!

We actually went back on Tuesday of this week with our mommy and baby friends. This time Jameson and I shared a strawberry ice pop ad we were able to sit at a few of the stools inside. I love this place and can’t wait to go back. Its something we can do in the afternoon to beat this heat!

This heat is one of the issues we keep struggling with. Jameson and I start our day out and about by 7:30-8am each morning. We walk Katy Trail, run some errands and then head home for the most part because it’s too warm. That leads to some boring afternoons, but other than taking the dog for a quick walk there isn’t much else we can do. We have a fantastic pool in our apartment building but in the middle of the day there is no shade over the pool area and that’s a little too intense for baby.   We were invited today to a Kiddie Pool play date. Thank God, because it was ridiculously hot and humid today! My little water baby loved it and it is definitely time to start those swim lessons with his dad! We are only in July and I seriously need to start brainstorming where we can go in the afternoons when it’s too hot to play outside!

Water Baby!

Water Baby!


We are taking a road trip tomorrow to spend the 4th in Austin! Hope everyone has a safe and fantastic 4th of July weekend ❤




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