Stitch Fix # 3

You did not miss a post. I spazzed and forgot to take pictures of myself in my last Stitch Fix. Honestly the box was nothing to write home about and I only ended up keeping a pair of jeans. A great pair of boyfriend cut jeans that I have already worn about 10 times. The rest of the box was just bleh. So on to box #3!

If you are new to this and want to know how Stitch Fix works head on over to my first review post where I give a little explanation!

So this little gem arrived on Friday afternoon which is a fantastic way to end a week! I could not wait to open up the box to see what was sent for me this month! If you want to sign up and start receiving your own fixes head on over to Stitch Fix and get started!!

Intro photo

On first glance I was intrigued by the amount of color in this box. I was also immediately freaked out by the chevron patterned shirt but decided I would be opened minded about everything and give it a shot. I received 5 articles of clothing but you can also request, purses, scarves and jewelry if you so desire.

So after going through the box I decided to try everything on. Once again, my darling husband was my photographer and deserves a round of applause for not only being patient with me but also adding commentary on what he thought even though I know he would have been much happier doing anything else. Also, I probably should have closed our bedroom door and maybe cleaned the smudge of the mirror behind me but I didn’t so get over it. 🙂

Item #1: Kahlo Embroided Racerback Tank $48

By Le Sample

By Le Sample

When I am bored and have gone through all the celebrity gossip I can find, I normally search other bloggers Stitch Fix reviews to see what has been sent around. I had seen this top a few times with black stripes and yellow embroidery and honestly hated it, so I didn’t have much hope for it when I tried it on. However, the top fit really well and I loved the way it cinched in the back. I also think the navy red combination works a lot better than the black and yellow. This top worked well with both jeans and short and was really light and comfortable.

Status: Kept!

Item #2: Colibri Chevron Print Sleeveless Blouse $44

By Pomelo

By Pomelo

After each fix you can always write a little note to your stylist requesting something for your next fix. They can’t always get you exactly what you want but I feel like so far they have tried. After my last fix I requested a shirt that I could wear with my kelly green skinnys other than white…..this is what was sent. I honestly can take or leave chevron print but the colors in this are nothing less than horrific. Obviously my face expresses my serious disdain for this article of clothing but I followed my stylists advice and tried this shirt on with my green skinny jeans. The shirt got worse with colored pants. Awful.

Status: Returned!!!!! Stat!

Item # 3: Ria Multi Striped Maxi Dress $98

By 41 Hawthorn

By 41 Hawthorn

You know the minute I saw the price of this dress I was bummed out. I had just spent money on a beautiful coral maxi dress for my brother in laws rehersal dinner and knew I couldn’t justify spending more money on another maxi. This dress felt wonderful though, the fabric was so soft and it was really comfortable to move in. I did think that it it was a little too large in the chest and it was too long for sandals. I stayed in this dress for a while really trying to see if I could justify the cost and then this design started to bug me. The middle strip down the center of the dress seems off to me. It probably wouldn’t have been a factor if the dress was $48 but between that, the length and the extra fabric under my arms I didn’t think this was a go for me. Actually now that I am seeing the pictures, this dress does nothing for my backside. The diagonal lines make my butt look insanely wide.

Status: Returned

Item #4 Prylin Printed Pintuck Detailed Blouse $68

By Daniel Rainn

By Daniel Rainn

This shirt was light weight and really airy and I loved the pattern and small detail by the shoulder. I liked the way it looked with my dark skinny jeans and thought that I could probably dress it up or down. I absolutely loved it…until I walked out to have my husband take a photo of it for this blog and he compared it to a design on a nurse scrubs.  Sigh. I couldn’t get that out of my head.

Status: Undecided  Returned

Item #5: Ian Embroidered Detailed Cotton Dress $58

By Angie

By Angie

So if Stitch Fix was around in 1998 when I needed a dress for my 8th grade orchestra concert, this would have been perfect. I’m 28, this is flipping horrific. What is this dress? The fabric was awful and stiff and I can’t even talk about that embroidery and the awkward elastic band at the waist. Not okay.

Status: Returned….to 1998.

I actually really liked this box however this was one of my more expensive fixes. The entire box totaled to $316 but if I purchased all 5 items I would have received 25% off and I could also subtract my $20 styling fee which brings the prices to $212 for all five items. If it wasn’t for the cost, I could have kept the maxi dress, the racerback and the shirt my husband thought looked like scrubs. Since we are coming off of vacation I decided to just keep the racerback tank top. Since I already paid my $20 styling fee for the box the shirt only cost me $28 so I’m a happy gal. Of course before I made my final decision I had to see if it went with my favorite accessory:

Jamie approved!

Jamie approved!

I am still really enjoying this service. Even if I only buy one or two things I feel like I am slowly growing my wardrobe with items that aren’t just purchased as Target or Old Navy!

If you are interested to see what Stitch Fix can do for you Click Here! I will get a $20 credit if you sign up through my link 🙂

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!


This review is my personal opinion. Stitch Fix did not asked or hired me to write a professional review


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