Spring weekends & Sweaty Summers

Being a Texas resident you come to realize that there is a blissful time of the year where the weather is absolutely perfect to do just about anything. It’s a short lived bliss that only lasts maybe two months but during those months outdoor patios are packed with smiling people laughing in a calm cool breeze. Take that same patio two months later and those same people may still be out there but now they are getting sprayed with water fans, causing their hair to frizz and unless they are on their third glass of Pinot their mood has generally plummeted.  When you are a family with a young baby you watch these people on their patios with their cocktails and sweaty faces from your air conditioned home because it’s 10am and it’s already 95 degrees. Not this weekend, we are still in that blissful Spring like weather and it is lovely.


With J we are still struggling with what we can do in Dallas once the weather becomes overbearing. Right now one of my favorite activities is taking J and C out for a walk in our neighborhood. It’s great, Coop gets some walking in and the fresh air always leads to a great nap from J but this will be short lived! Strolling the streets at 10am in the middle of July will no longer work for our family. Our poor pup will be walking alone with daddy while J and I hang inside. This will not work for us! We are an active family and we all go a little stir crazy if we have been indoors too long. I am officially on the hung for some summer activities that can still keep us cool in the Dallas area so stay tuned. My goal is to compile a list and then try each one out and give a review. That way, if any other Mommas are having the same summer dilemma we are, this blog can help the out 🙂


Until then, stay cool and enjoy these spring days while they last!




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