Mother’s Day and Mimosas

 Sunday was my very 1st mother’s day as Jameson’s mom.



I feel like experiencing your first mother’s day is like a wonderful rite of passage for every new mommy. Last year, Jameson was in my tummy and  Jim got me a shirt that said “Don’t Touch” over my belly. It was the perfect gag gift since I didn’t really have a baby yet (and I had way too many unwanted belly touches from strangers.) This year was completely different. My boys (hubby, C & J) sent me for a signature mani/pedi on Saturday with my own mom which was lovely. My second gift came at 1am when Jim got up when the baby cried (yay for more sleep!) and my third was waking up to fresh pastries and lattes from Sip & Stir. After cuddling with my little man and giving presents to my own mom we all got ready and headed to brunch at Victory Park. After making the mistake of having a brunch reservation during J’s nap time on Easter we strategically planned Mother’s Day brunch to occur after my little man’s morning nap. Thankfully this plan worked beautifully. Brunch was delightful and champagne and mimosas were had by all. It was a perfect first Mother’s Day!

My mom with Jameson and I on Mother's Day!

My mom with Jameson and I on Mother’s Day!



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