The Bjorn & The Ergo

There are lots of debates lately on what the best carrier is for your baby. Right now we own both the Baby Bjorn and the Ergo Baby Performance so I figured I would review them both for all my mommy friends out there. Especially my mommy friends who are about to welcome their first little ones ❤

Baby Bjorn:

Daddy and a 3 month old J using the Bjorn

Daddy and a 3 month old J using the Bjorn

This was actually our first baby carrier that we owned and it worked for us for a little while. Here are the pros and cons that we have found about this carrier.


– Easy to put on by myself
– Less fabric than the Ergo
– Easy to store in small bags
– J has the option to be front facing
– Decently priced at $79.99


– Personally, this carrier kills my back. This may be a personal issue because my husband doesn’t seem to have the same problem
– J only looks comfortable in the facing out position.
– Not much to really shield J from the elements (sun, rain etc..)
– There is some new research on the concern for how the baby’s legs lay in the Bjorn which you may want to look into. For short time frames (quick errands etc) I don’t see this being an issue but if you plan to use this for long periods of time (daily use) than that maybe something to research for yourself!

Ergo Baby

I'm the family photographer so of course I don't have one of me using the ergo! Here it is though...

I’m the family photographer so of course I don’t have one of me using the ergo! Here it is though…

We made the Ergo purchase well after J was born and after talking to other mommies about my back pain:


– Very comfortable for Mommy (and Daddy) the straps are positioned more on the shoulders and there is a waist strap that eliminates the back pain issue
– J is very comfortable and will often nap in this carrier while I’m doing things around the house (or walking to get much needed coffee.)
– The Ergo Performance and some other models have a pocket in the front to store keys, credit card and phone so there is no need to carry a purse or a wallet while you are wearing it.
– The Ergo has the ability to carry J on the side and on the back as well for when he gets older
– Fabric attachment to shield J from the sun or the random Dallas rain

This last pro was something I never tried but I have one mommy friend who is able to walk and breastfeed at the same time using the Ergo.  Multitasking at it’s best!

Although the performance is made of mesh material to breath a little better, it does seem like there is more fabric with this carrier which may be sweaty in the summer
– No front carrying position with our model
– The buckle on the shoulders is a major B to click together without assistance.
–  A big ouch on the wallet at  $137

So what do we go for when it comes time to tote J around? Well….it depends. We still use both carriers, my husband prefers the Bjorn and I seem to lean more towards the Ergo. The Ergo for me is a lot easier to run errands around the city or to throw him in while grocery shopping because he often nods off but Jim seems to use the Bjorn so J can face out and look around while they take Cooper for walks in the evenings. I think it’s buyers choice. I would suggest trying out both versions before buying to see what works best for you and baby.

There are several other kind of carriers beyond these two but I have not tried them. I am always intrigued by the mommies that can use the wrap carriers. These mommy magicians start out with this long piece of fabric and in two seconds their baby is wrapped up and attached to their bodies. Very impressive.  I have one mommy friend who said she loved hers and her daughter was always very comfortable in it, another mommy said she had a hard time keeping the knot tight and the baby would sag after a while.

Of course there are several different variations of each carrier and this is only one mom’s opinion so let’s open it up! Which carrier do you prefer? Did different carriers work for each of your children?  I’m curious if I will have a different opinion with my future babies. J is on the higher percentile for height and weight which may have affected how I feel in each carrier!



This review is my personal opinion. ErgoBaby & Baby Bjorn did not commission me to write this review. 


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