Stroller Patrol & Gym Divas

          Happy Sunday! I hope all my Dallas friends are staying dry and warm in this random cold ran we are receiving today and for my NYer’s yay for no snow!

         We had a rather eventful Saturday! J and I got up at 5am (taking a massive risk waking a sleeping baby) and headed on over to White Rock Lake to participate in our first 5k together.  All in all it actually went really well. I feel like the mommies should get extra points for pushing a stroller with a 20 pound baby inside for the entire race. J was a little fussy at the start but fussed himself to sleep within the first ten minutes. From that point on it was smooth sailing and he slept until the end. It is definitely something we will do again and again may come sooner than we think since we are participating in the Dallas March for Babies next weekend! Image


Of course, the absolutely best part about completing a race….is the massive breakfast that follows. Apparently I am new to the love of Another Broken Egg Cafe but I informed two people about my breakfast yesterday and both told me how much they are in love with the place. I have to be honest, my breakfast was delightful. I even ordered an omelette (most of you know that eggs are not my favorite) and it was delicious! However, the best thing I ordered was this beautifully large blueberry muffin. I don’t know if they make these little pieces of heaven in house or if they order them and have them shipped but seriously I need to find this recipe and surround myself with muffins for the rest of my life. Granted, I am aware that muffins are basically like having cake for breakfast but cake is good so whatever.




One massive muffin and one almost meltdown later and it was time to head home. Later that day I had an appointment with LifeTime Fitness to get a tour and check out their child care center. I have been doing a lot of research all week on which gym had the best center and it pretty much was a unanimous vote for LifeTime. Of course, in order to be a part of LifeTime you need to take out a second mortgage and sell your kidneys….kidding. Sort Of. I had read the reviews on how great the spa was and how amazing the personal training is and how they even had a salon on site. Seriously? I do not need any of this. I need a few fitness classes, a great child care center and an elliptical that I can watch TV on, that’s it. I had serious reservations going into the gym for my tour about how ridiculous the monthly fees were for what I was going to use the gym for. Until of course I was dazzled by the fantasticness (not a word) that is in that gym. You literally walk in thinking its all over the top and unnecessary and walk out thinking ‘yes I deserve this, I feel bad for people who don’t have a salon or a spa in the gym.’ It’s some ridiculous LifeTime jeti mind trick (Yes Jim, I can use that reference now since you made me watch the movies.) I am now officially a member (gym diva….) and had really ambitious plans to get up and head out there this morning for my first workout but Jim made pancakes (more cake for2 breakfast!!) and no sane person can resist pancakes. The only good thing is that I have to reserve a spot for J in the center each time I go and you get in trouble if you cancel so that’ll stop me from convincing myself that walking to get coffee is the same as a workout.


As a new member of this gym they offer you a free personal trainer and an overall health assessment. Jim was super stoked about this and was excited for me to do this….I on the other hand was not excited. I do not need someone to help me workout and I certainly don’t need someone coming over with a BMI tester thingy to measure how much extra fat I have after having a baby. The thought of it makes me nauseous. Last night I received an email from the trainer saying how excited she was to work with me to which I responded a big (polite) no thank you. This morning I received an email from the trainer saying that she was sad I was declining the free personal training. I was about to close the email when I realized that she CC’d like 8000 people to the email. Did I seriously just get tattled on because I don’t want to do personal training? Yes. The answer is yes I did. I then got an email from the enrollment counselor encouraging me to contact the PT again and really consider a session. I decided to just not answer. I just want to work out on my own! We will see how this goes….


Have a great Sunday everyone!



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