Doctors & the Peanut Gallery

          We had a pretty eventful day today! After hemming and hawing over different pediatricians I finally decided to go with one. It was perfect timing because right after I made our first appointment my little man spiked a fever. Thankfully the fever was just from that pesky teething but it always gives piece of mind to see a professional. We met with Dr. C this morning at 8am (way to early) and I was pleasantly surprised. I really thought that I was in love with our pediatrician in Round Rock but Dr. C and his office staff really impressed me. First of all the office is located within a wing of the hospital which gives us access to all sorts of pediatric specialist if (God Forbid) we ever need to go there and secondly the office if huge and gorgeous. At Dr. M’s in Round Rock the front receptionist was rough around the edges and it always seemed like us being there was huge inconvenience for her but I loved Dr. M so I tried to see past it. Dr. C and his entire staff were amazing and really took time to get to know us from the minute we walked in the door. This is truly what I picture when I think about what a pediatrician should be! Granted this was our very first visit but hopefully everything continues on this track!


           On a completely unrelated note, I absolutely love the comments that people make to parents. After playgroup today I decided to head over to old navy to grab some new workout gear. J had been in the stroller for most of play date because he was taking a nap so I decided to just carry him on my hip since I was just grabbing a few things. Just as I predicted I was able to walk in grab the two things I wanted and headed towards the check outline. I’m standing online and I notice that the women behind me is making faces at J to make him laugh and I hear her start talking to him telling him how cute he is etc…etc.. Then I hear her say ‘I bet you’re mommy wishes she put you in a baby carrier instead of putting you on her hip’ so I turn and smile and say that we were only running in for a few things so it was just easier to pop him on my hip. She then proceeds to explain how baby carriers on easier on all babies hips and that there are a lot of studies encouraging parents not to carry their babies without a carrier. I smile and nod, pay for my things and leave because it really isn’t helpful to get into a debate with a moron in the middle of Old Navy. I’m sorry but what study is encouraging women not to hold their babies without some sort of apparatus? I feel like I did a lot of reading when J was born and not once did I read anything that said “don’t hold your baby unless he is in a carrier.” Seriously?! I feel like nowadays people just read the headline of an article and begin quoting it as scripture. Such a frustrating experience. When can people start minding their own buisness?? I was not harming my child and he was happy and giggling and in all honesty we were in the store for only a few minutes. 


Oh well. I got to end the afternoon with my two favorite boys! 


    Happy Friday ❤




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