Niagara Falls & Blowouts

          Of course moving to a new area is an adjustment but moving to Dallas from laid back Austin is like night and day. I have honestly met wonderful genuinely nice people which is a relief BUT there area a few differences from Austin. The largest difference is I find that I spend a lot more time picking out my outfit before leaving the apartment. My first week here I walked 3 miles with J on Katy Trail which means I had on black workout pants and a tank top, hair unwashed and thrown in a pony tail; typical uniform for a workout. I decided to stop at the grocery store on my walk home to grab a few things (plus J was sleeping and anything I can do to prolong a nice stroller nap I am down for.) While grabbing diapers for J and some sushi for me I started realizing that compared to the rest of the customers in the store I looked like I had just been dragged by Rosie the Trolley for 10 blocks. I chalked this up to the grocery store being in the center of the city and most people there probably are stopping in during work.

          Yesterday I got up and ran to Kroger which is right outside of the city. I threw on a maxi skirt and a top and again my hair was in a pony tail because it was 9 in the morning and who the hell am I going to see? The answer? Prom Queens. OK not really but literally every women there was a child looked completely put together with hair, make up and an adorable outfit. Did I miss something? J is strapped to me in a baby carrier, drooling away on my shirt and these women looked like they just stepped off the runway. It was 9 in the morning, when on earth did these women have time to run and get a blow out before their trip to the grocery store? This one I can’t wrap my head around so I just won’t. I can’t fathom putting on make up before running errands, honestly if I remembered to brush my hair and put on pants I call that a win.

          Another interesting thing I learned about Dallas is that I have a really hard time explaining where I grew up. I was having a conversation with a women the other day. She noticed I had an accent (but do I really?) and asked where I was from and the conversation went a little something like this:

“OMG You must have loved growing up in the city!”

“Well no not New York City but about 40 minutes outside”

“Oh- So not really NY”

“No…Still NY just not in the city”

“So…like near Niagara Falls?”

          Yes…somewhere in between NYC and Niagara Falls is where my home town is. Are we kidding? I understand it is hard to know the geography of every state but half of Niagara Falls is in Canada!

          Thankfully I have met a lot of New Yorkers in this city. Having someone else know your obsession with bagels and ordering Chinese food at 3am can really make a girl feel like she’s home again 🙂



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