Family & Boxes

We are officially Dallas residents, more specifically, residents of West Village.  It was a long journey that started when I was about 8 months pregnant with J. Jim was offered a position with a company in Dallas and since we were about to have a baby and had just purchased our home it seemed like it would be out of the question. However, when the opportunity presented itself again when J was 2 months old it seemed like something we could not pass up and so our journey began. Jim left on February 2, 2014 while I stayed behind with J and Cooper in Austin to deal with selling our home and finishing up my job with the state. Of course, within the first two weeks of Jim being gone our beautiful little baby started teething and my sweet puppy tore his ACL! It was an interesting 7 weeks apart and although it seemed like forever at the time, looking back, it was actually a quick blip in our lives.


Moving from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom in a highrise with a dog and a baby was no small job.  It took about two solid weeks for us to get our place exactly how we wanted it to. Poor baby J’s room was used as a catch all for a week while we figured out where everything was going to go. Yes, it’s small and yes this is a lot different than any other place we have lived but we love it. I am thoroughly enjoying having J right across the hall from us and having a small space to clean. My old house took an entire weekend to clean top to bottom, now I can have our little apartment sparkling in a few hours.


J is adjusting well. We walk daily which I try to time perfectly with his afternoon naps. J is obsessed with his stroller, so much so that on rainy days I am not at all against strapping him in and taking him for a walk in our building 🙂 He doesn’t know the difference and is usually out cold by the time we hit the elevator.

Stroller Baby!


Cooper on the other hand had a harder time adjusting. With Cooper’s injury and recovery he has been moving a bit slower so he doesn’t have the drive to go out and play. He has had to figure out that he cannot just go to the door and be let out whenever he wants and now has to wait for one of us to take him for walks. The positive side is that he goes on more walks now than he ever did when we lived in a house. We were definitely the lazy dog owners who just opened the backdoor and let that count as “exercise.”  The walks are also helping with Cooper’s recovery and he is definitely starting to use his leg again like normal.  We are having a bit of trouble getting Cooper to understand that not everything that is on the floor is his… I imagine that this will be a losing battle for us!

photo 4


As for me, I am adjusting to my new position as Chief Operating Officer of the McCormack Household.  At my previous position I was working about 50 hours a week outside of the home and more often than not, I ended up taking work home with me. It’s been a happy change to be able to focus on my family as my new job. J and I have been exploring our new city and find something new everyday that we enjoy. I think for us this move was the best decision we could have made. The four of us are spending more time together than we ever did and it is really making a difference for our family.

   photo 3

~ E


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